Well done to Nick and Kaj and a big thank you to Pallas!

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September 17, 2018

In the Netherlands, high school students have to do a small internship of one working week to discover company life and atmosphere.

Thomas Thor was happy to welcome Kaj and Nick, and they – in turn – were happy and extremely lucky to visit Pallas’ facility Petten last Tuesday.

So thank you Pallas and here are the reflections of Kaj and Nick, in their own words:

Reflecting on my one-week work experience at Thomas Thor associates – Nicholas Steer

My Internship at Thomas Thor associates was very educational but also a lot fun. I learnt a lot about how a business works on a day to day basis. I was able to talk to lots of people who work for this business and they were very happy to share their experiences with me. As this is still quite a small business I got to see lots of different aspects of it. I learnt how the recruitment industry works which is something I didn’t know much about before I came here. Because of Thomas Thor I was also able to visit a company that is designing a new nuclear reactor. This was an amazing opportunity as I am very interested in engineering.

Everything that I learnt this week was eye opening as in school you learn how to do something, but you never actually do it. At Thomas Thor I got to see how all of it actually works in the real world. This means I have more understanding of the business world before I actually become part of it.

I think it is really important for teenagers to do an internship as it helps to guide them when they make career path choices in the future. I think it is great that my school offered this opportunity as part of the school learning program in the fourth year and think that more schools should do the same. Not only is it educational but it is also great fun! Everyone at Thomas Thor was very friendly and welcoming. This made it easier for us to feel at home. It also makes for a great atmosphere as everyone treats each other with respect. I am really thankful for having been able to do my internship here and would like to thank everyone at Thomas Thor for making this possible and educating us on how the business works.

Nicholas Steer – Student at Vossius Gymnasium, Amsterdam


Reflecting on my one-week work experience at Thomas Thor associates – Kaj Flesseman

The internship at Thomas Thor has been a great opportunity for me. I have always had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do in the future, but this week I learned a lot about the amount and kind of options I have. It also taught me about the way a business functions, which before this week, I did not know much of.

My experience at Thomas Thor has been nothing but positive. Our week had been planned out very well and there were no times at which we had nothing to do. Our program was packed full of introductions to different parts of the business. We had many fun and interesting conversations with people working at Thomas Thor about their jobs, the nuclear industry and what they had studied in the past. Especially that last part was very useful to me, as it gave me a good view of what you do or don’t need to study for a certain job. Thomas Thor had also planned a trip for us to Pallas (one of their clients). This was very nice of them and I have learned a lot there as well.

The office had a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and I think I would probably enjoy a job like this. I could definitely see myself working here. After this internship, I now have a better idea of what I would like to do in the future. I am really grateful having been able to do this internship here at Thomas Thor and I want to thank everyone who helped out.

Kaj Flesseman – Student at Vossius Gymnasium, Amsterdam



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