Are you familiar with nuclear safety regulations? You can make sure that they wok in practise, in the position of a Permit to Work Engineer.

Role description

As a PTW Engineer you will be responsible for safety compliance for PTW application and safe systems of work, the management and governance of new electronic PTW system and  the management of the personnel through the construction, pre commissioning and start up phases.


As a PTW Engineer you will ensure that the PTW system is utilized effectively and is fully populated with all data required for nuclear safety compliance.

You will act as a Permit to Work Issuer and Approver where it is required, manage site Contractor interfaces through effective dialogue with Task Supervisors involved to coordinate all parties. Ensure through daily surveillance that the site is always in an optimum safe and operational state and teams under the PTW scheme are adhering to all principles and controls applied in permit.

In this role you will manage and coordinate all permit issuance in line with the site safety requirements, monitor all permits issued on a daily basis to maintain a safe and compliant way of working.

You will manage the control / issue of padlocks, gas monitors and other equipment required as part of the Permit to Work in line with site SSOW. Specify or carry out any isolation, venting, draining, flushing, purging and dissipation of stored energy to allow work to be carried out safely as detailed in site Procedures.

On the technical side, you will approve the individual Permit to Work Request and ensure all associated approved documents are relevant and available with the Permit to Work request. You will be responsible for conducting field inspections to verify the detail and effectiveness of the Permit to Work. You will liaise with production planners and operations representatives to agree windows for significant engineering work, provide priorities of work based on local knowledge, understanding of priorities from scheduling, and detail provided in site co-ordination meetings and through liaison with Construction Supervision. You shall be fully familiar with the works on-going within his area of responsibility, the nature of those works and any simultaneous operations in adjacent areas that may have an impact on the Permits to Work with his/ her area of responsibility.

Essential skills

To be successful in this role, you have to be experienced in PTW management software implementation, contribution in site Audits. You will need 3-7 years of experience in construction and operational PTW Safety.

For this role you need a good knowledge about heavy construction industry, of site safety procedures in construction, test and commissioning. Besides English, you need to be fluent in French to be able to work with the contractors interfraces.


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