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Not all of our jobs are advertised for client confidentiality reasons. Please submit an open application.

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Nuclear Recruitment

Are you looking for a job in the nuclear industry? Then upload your resume at Thomas Thor Associates. On a continuous basis we are looking for engineers, decommissioning specialists, security consultants, technical professionals and operational hero’s.

On a continuous basis we have around 50 jobs available in several work fields. Locations among our open positions are mainly France, Belgium, Canada, Finland and the Netherlands. But also nuclear jobs in the USA and UAE are available.

We are a global nuclear recruitment agency

With only 450 nuclear power plants globally nuclear recruitment is a highly specialized profession with a limited amount of people that are interested in this work field. Our recruitment consultants are knowledgeable about their field of work and find only the best candidates for the job. These vacancies are often dependent on the lifecycle of the plant.

Nuclear engineering recruitment

As a nuclear engineer you contribute to the innovation and technical development of a nuclear power plant. Thomas Thor is always looking for the best engineers in the business. When you are willing to move, we pretty much have a job for you. Would you like to contribute to making the world more sustainable? Upload your resume today.

Permanent or contract recruitment

We have available both permanent positions and positions that are based on a long term contract. The demand temporary or permanent jobs in nuclear plants is different per site.
Please check the available nuclear jobs for more specifications.