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Who we are

We help industries operating in complex and technical environments such as nuclear, renewable energies, banking,  digital transformation, pharmaceuticals and chemicals to attract, identify and retain the leadership they need to grow.


Our vision is to mobilize knowledge, nurture talent and create new ways to address some of the world’s biggest challenges.

We believe in the power of human ingenuity to create a better world and are committed to identifying the talent and leadership required to enable transformation and growth.

We are driven by four values: Diversity, Credibility, Excellence and Collaboration.

Our processes guarantee our client’s needs are met with diligence, dedication and discretion.

To help our clients succeed in attracting and securing top-talent, we offer a full suite of executive search and recruiting services delivered by experienced professionals. The hands-on applied industry knowledge of our recruiters and consultants is unsurpassed in the industry. With a global network of more than 50,000 individuals and a presence in 7 countries, we understand the markets we serve

Our network of experienced and multilingual consultants are imbedded in their industry from major players to supply chain companies.

Our clients retain us to develop strategies for identifying and attracting bright, results-oriented leaders who positively impact the financial bottom line and ensure operational effectiveness. The diverse leaders we place perform many roles, from developing new markets, directing organisations, managing deadlines to driving results.

Our global presence

Thomas Thor Associates and our sister company in North America, KeySource Global, understand the critical importance of effective leadership for ensuring companies are not only able to deliver today but can transform and thrive in the future.
We partner with our clients to offer bespoke mapping and analysis of their leadership requirements and have a long history of not only identifying key talent but also supporting leadership structures to optimise performance.

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I have found Thomas Thor to be a professional, thorough & collaborative organisation and valued their process & feedback throughout our interactions. We have recruited several positions recently against a very specific candidate brief and Thomas Thor have been able to provide us with a number of candidates that met the brief. My main contact was always available to consult with & provide feedback at key stages, and overall, I found their process very open and transparent.

Complex, sensitive, technical, and critical

We combine expertise in leadership, advisory services and depth of industry knowledge to support critical and demanding industries

A central mission of Thomas Thor is to build and sustain the global nuclear workforce and our teams have had the privilege of working on assignments across all aspects of this exciting and innovative industry.

Our Executive Search specialists are deeply embedded in the sector and have unrivalled access to talents in the industry as well as the capacity to attract leadership talent from outside the nuclear industry.

We believe in supporting a clean energy future and in the power of human ingenuity to create a better world. Our knowledge and networks in the nuclear industry naturally led us to become involved in the full scope of low carbon solutions.

Helping the renewable energies industry to fill their critical leadership gaps is part of our vision to address some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Complex, sensitive, technical, and critical, Thomas Thor Associates has experience across such industries.

We understand the standards and protocols required and pride ourselves not only on identifying the best candidates from within a given industry but on building and attracting world-leading talent from adjacent sectors who, in a world of transformation and convergence, can bring new skills and perspectives.

In an age of constant change and with ever evolving risks, the global banking industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Finding the right leadership to drive your business through these changes is crucial.

At Thomas Thor, we help you identify, attract and retain the talents you need to thrive from all relevant industries, respecting your company culture and values. Thanks to our networks we have access to a very diverse leadership and are able to help building an inclusive culture at the heart of your business.

To survive and thrive in the future, all industries need a coherent and compelling Digital Transformation strategy.

We understand the importance of not only setting the vision but ensuring the capacity and capability to deliver this transformation.  Thomas Thor enables companies to meet these needs through the identification and integration of critical talent.

Planning for and enabling effective leadership within complex organisations is an ongoing process. Many of our clients work with us to enhance their talent strategies at the most senior level, recognising that needs evolve in the context of the macro environment, organisational strategy and existing employee potential.

Thomas Thor provides human resource advisory support in the following areas: leadership team and succession planning, talent pool creation, workforce analysis, ED&I benchmarking, enhancement of internal HR processes, communication support and employee engagement, decision making and talent integration.

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