Role description

You will be working for a major international engineering firm to coordinate HVAC activities on-site at the European Parliament. These ongoing projects are to improve the global efficiency of the ventilation system of the building. For this one-year contract that aims to end up in a permanent one, you will be based inside the European Parliament in Brussels.


Your Business Unit is composed of a team of 100 persons to manage, engineers, and technicians’ profiles who are working to maintain and improve the HVAC system of a 400 000 square meters site (building). You will lead the team with the purpose in mind of improving the energy efficiency of the system you oversee. Before being a business Manager you are a people Manager used to adapt to different situations and different interlocutors.

Keeping your activities into the defined budget, planning the activities of your team, presenting your innovative propositions, and negotiating with your client will be your main activities.

Essential skills

  • Engineering Degree
  • Good knowledge of HVAC systems and ideally some experience with HVAC installation/maintenance
  • Fluency in English and French is mandatory
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Experience managing teams on site
  • Budget management, including P&L

Anelia Koleva est spécialisée dans les marchés nucléaires européens. Très expérimentée et avec une vaste connaissance des besoins de tout le cycle de vie d'une centrale nucléaire, Anelia sait où trouver les candidats - cadres seniors, exécutifs, en missions permanentes ou freelance - qui viendront enrichir l'activité de ses clients.

Anelia Koleva