Until the end of February 2021, we are looking for an experienced I&C Overall Commissioning Engineer with experience in NPP and TXP/TXS. This is a 9-month contractor role in Eurajoki, Finland

Role description


Together with the Process, Overall, or Architecture commissioning Engineer

– Review of the commissioning schedule to identify tests to be prepared
– Identify the equipment involved in the tests and their expected status
– Check if any interlocks which could block the test and identify measures to ensure execution of the test -Check plant condition at the time of the test and test boundaries, incl. active simulation/temporary modifications
– Identify any missing or blocking signal and identify measures to ensure execution of the test
– Plan an I&C test preparation task in the overall commissioning schedule to cover the implantation of simulations/temporary modification

– Implement requested simulation after impact analysis on running process systems
– Request I/O cards availability according to components involved
– Support process or overall tests according to applicable procedures
– Record any simulation change during test execution according to traceability procedures in force- Provide support for logic troubleshooting whenever function tests are failing
– Remove simulations related to test after execution
– Assist to the preparation of the test reports- Enforcement of the IT
-Security and HSE rules including applicable PTT / PTW processes
– Manage interfaces with Engineering and I&C system commissioning for clarification, open points and troubleshooting

Control and monitoring:
– Retrieve and review periodically the list of implemented simulation/temporary simulation with the Process commissioning engineer for the systems in charge of to identify and removed outdated
– Check if the implemented simulations list is in line with the simulation traceability tool
– Inform Process, Overall, or Architecture CE in case of any deviation in the simulation list/state
– Provide inputs to progress measurement and reporting linked to his / her activities
– Initiate corrective actions in case of deviations

– The completion of the commissioning activities related to the entrusted activities is sanctioned by the following events:
Simulations are removed after tests execution; I&C related information is provided to Process, Overall, or Architecture commissioning engineer for test report completion; Open points are recorded in the Open point tracking tool

Essential skills

– Engineer degree in automation field or generalist
– Experience in design/engineering, manufacturing, test bay or commissioning based on the TXP product line
– Familiarity with a portion of one of the following product lines:
(Tec4function tool; ES 680 Engineering and Commissioning Tools; Web4TXP Process Engineering and Commissioning Tools; AS 620B [FUM] Automation System including communication modules; Establishment and/or review of TXP system test procedures) or
(TXS technology [both hardware and software products]; TXS Engineering and Maintenance equipment as well as peripheral testing tools either at Test Bay or during Commissioning; Establishment and/or review of TXS system test procedures)
– Fluency in English

Mira has over six years of experience in the recruitment industry. As Recruiter at Thomas Thor Associates, she focuses mainly on Finland and continental Europe.

Mira Kantola