Reactor Engineering Expert


Reactor Engineering Expert

UAE Based

United Arab Emirates

Sector: Nuclear Operation, Maintenance & LTO

Category: Public Sector and Government

Based on recent events with Reactor Engineering (RE) at our Client Power Plant, we are seeking for an expert technical support. The right candidate is required to have a reactor engineering technical expertise with startup and/or 10 years minimum operating experience in a commercial nuclear power plant.

The deliverables that are expected from these services are:

  • Direct support of key issues such as reactivity management and improving RE interface with Operations
  • Perform Core monitoring activities
  • Monitoring fuel performance
  • Review/revise procedures and processes to improve performance to best industry practices
  • Developing and implementing required human performance tools in procedures and processes according to best industry practices in Reactor Engineering
  • Review performance and knowledge level of less experienced engineers to determine gaps in training and performance and develop mentoring and performance enhancement plans to improve their performance.
  • Prepare monthly reports of activities and issues addressed
  • Additional reactor engineering support functions as requested.

Academic Qualification and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related Science.
  • Nuclear Power Plant engineering experience including: 10 years of relevant experience, SRO/RO Certificate, Managerial role, Power Operations, Refueling outage, start-up testing, APR-1000 maintenance and engineering experience

Required Duration: 6 months minimum up to 1 year
Reporting (Progress, KPI, etc): reports of activities and issues addressed

Arunima Dipu

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Arunima Dipu


With a background in HR and Change Management, I am a proud member of Team MENA, with extensive experience in recruiting experts, mobilising talents, relocation, onboarding and offboarding of SME’s internationally to support projects in the MENA Region.

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