NHIRE 1173 Welding Engineer


NHIRE 1173 Welding Engineer

Welding Engineer


Sector: Nuclear Commissioning

Category: Utilities

Welding Engineer Needed for Exciting Contract Role in Nuclear Industry

Our client, a leader in the nuclear tech innovation and medical sector is seeking an experienced welding engineer to join their team on a contract basis. If you are passionate about engineering excellence within this highly specialised industry, we encourage you to apply.

– Bachelor’s degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering
– 5+ years of experience as a welding engineer
– Certification by the American Welding Society (AWS)

Skills Required:
We require candidates with expertise across various areas including but not limited to:

Weld Inspection Techniques – The successful candidate must have extensive knowledge of inspection methods such as visual examination, radio-graphic testing, magnetic particle inspection etc.
Technical Drawing Interpretation – Candidates should be proficient at interpreting technical drawings that show weld details like size dimensions among others.
Materials Selection Knowledge – Experience working with different materials used specifically within industries like nuclear technology is required..
Familiarity With Industry Standards And Codes – A good understanding of codes specific to industrial safety standards related will also prove invaluable during project execution.

Responsibilities Include But Are Not Limited To :
The chosen individual would take up responsibilities which include :

1) Conduct inspections based on established protocol regarding all aspects from preparation through finished product stages while maintaining quality assurance procedures;

2) Developing new techniques/ways towards improving efficiency when conducting maintenance operations;

3) Preparing detailed reports outlining observations made over time period spent carrying out tasks assigned;

Rate: USD$50-$100/hour

Location: Bellevue, Washington

If you’re interested in applying for the role please send your resume along with any relevant certification(s). We look forward hearing from prospective applicants soon!

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