Electrical Engineer


Electrical Engineer



Sector: Nuclear New Build

Category: Engineering

The Electrical Engineer provides sound engineering principles in design, development, implementation, testing, and evaluation (by analytical or other means) for equipment applied in nuclear safety-related projects. Includes development of design drawings, item testing plans, various calculations, and subsequent test reports. This role will aid a senior level engineer managing complex projects.


  • Primary responsibility is to ensure that equipment technical specifications are met, that project scope is performed with adequate engineering rigor while mitigating project risk to maintain project schedule and provide the highest quality possible result.
  • Involved with project scheduling to ensure project deliverables are reasonable for project execution.
  • Maintain schedules through interaction with project management, engineering, production personnel and clients.
  • Work as a single point of contact for engineering for multiple projects for multiple clients.
  • Maintain ongoing project requirements and specifications for multiple projects for multiple clients.
  • Perform design reviews with the engineering team to ensure that the design meets the client requirements, GD&T standards and quality is being maintained.
  • Preparation of Bills of Materials and purchase orders for material
  • Creation and refinement of design and test documentation to capture design intent and document the key aspects necessary to accomplish the quality and documentation goals of a project.
    • Commercial Grade Dedication plans, equipment test plans
    • Seismic, Environmental, and/or EMI/RFI qualification test plans and reports
    • Discrepancy Report resolution
    • Engineering calculations/evaluations
    • Design drawing package creation (including Solidworks CAD, PCB layout/EDA)
  • Creation of project documentation to convey they key aspects of a design to a client or manufacturing partner.
  • Perform root cause, apparent cause and/or common cause analysis and testing activities, when required.
  • Direct communication with clients.
  • Work as peer review of documentation prior to client delivery.
  • Interaction with the production floor to resolve design and/or testing issues.
  • Collaborate with other engineers to increase knowledge/skills.
    • Develop analytical processes.
    • Share experience.
    • Review others designs.

Nicholas Cope

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Nicholas Cope


My name is Nicholas Cope, and I am a recruitment consultant for Thomas Thor. I have been with the company over a year, and I have over 3 years of recruiting experience. I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio and currently live in Cuyahoga Falls.

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