Senior Nuclear Engineer (Fuel Handling)


Senior Nuclear Engineer (Fuel Handling)



Sector: Nuclear R&D

Category: Engineering

Senior Nuclear Engineer (Fuel Handling)

Would you like to be at the heart of developing the new generation of nuclear reactors? We are supporting our partner – MoltexFLEX- in seeking a Nuclear Engineer to join their growing team in their efforts to contribute and respond to the world’s critical necessity of clean energy. They have the technology to transform the energy landscape, ushering in a new age of clean, low-cost energy for all.

The Senior Nuclear Engineer (Fuel Handling) will report to the Head of Engineering and work with a growing Engineering team. The role will involve close collaboration with the Head of Safety Case and other discipline leads to develop a fully substantiated engineering design for the molten salt reactor (MSR) technologies MoltexFLEX are developing in the UK.

This is an exciting opportunity to join an agile and multi-disciplined team, focused on developing technologies that can make a significant contribution to reducing global CO2 emissions.

What MoltexFLEX offers

MoltexFLEX offers the opportunity to provide nuclear engineering expertise within a diverse and growing team of engineering, safety case, and scientific professionals collectively working towards the delivery of a first-of-a-kind MSR. For those on board, it is going to be a challenging but rewarding journey.

The MoltexFLEX office is in Birchwood, Warrington, close to travel networks and various amenities.

MoltexFLEX is an equal opportunity employer. MoltexFLEX prides itself in having a team that promotes diversity, inclusion, leadership, mindfulness, high initiative, energy, and passion.


The Senior Nuclear Engineer (Fuel Handling) will be responsible for contributing to the engineering design and substantiation of the reactor systems, with particular focus on fuelling and re-fuelling for a FOAK MSR intended to be deployed by the end of the decade. The Senior Nuclear Engineer will work with other technical leads to develop an optimum fuelling and re-fuelling process and identify and undertake the engineering substantiation to facilitate progression through a staged design process. MoltexFLEX’s novel approach to MSRs of containing molten fuel salt in fuel pins will present new challenges for the candidate.

As the role develops, there will be scope to engage in other nuclear engineering, such as detailed design of key core components. Whilst the focus of this role is on mechanical and nuclear engineering, it will also require a good understanding of and contribution to other engineering and scientific disciplines.

The role will include:

  • Developing fuelling, de-fuelling, re-fuelling and end of life processes
  • Developing concept designs for fuelling systems
  • Mechanical aspects of the fuel pin
  • Optioneering and selecting engineering solutions

Qualifications & experience

  • Higher degree in mechanical and/or nuclear engineering and relevant supporting industry experience
  • A solid foundation in neutronics and reactor design
  • Knowledge of fission reactor fuelling design and fuel handling
  • Knowledge of safety case development and nuclear fuel cycle

Behavioural skills & personality

  • A problem-solver who is driven to find simple solutions and not to over-complicate development and design work
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to collaborate with team members and reach consensus on a way forward

For more information about the role and organisation please click the “Apply for this position”, or contact me at or via LinkedIn.

Olivia Mindrila

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Olivia Mindrila


I am a Senior Search&Process Consultant focused on bringing qualified talent into the Nuclear Industry. I am set on pioneering nuclear energy being part of the solution for climate change. My passion for the industry drives me to open up discussions with anyone interested in learning more about it, and how they could become part of the journey to achieving NET ZERO.

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