Senior Water Scada Application Engineer


Senior Water Scada Application Engineer

UAE Based

United Arab Emirates

Sector: Power Industry

Category: Utilities

Job Specific Responsibilities:

  • Participate in the process of analysing of the business and technical requirements.
  • Participate in the design of the application and their interconnections with other applications.
  • Review the consultant work for the major projects and approve the applications requirements specifications and test procedures.
  • Coordinate project activities which include design, installation, testing and commissioning of SCADA & Settlement related applications and software systems in a highly available environment
  • Provide support for the regular end to end audit of SCADA and point functionality, alarms and system performance.
  • Utilise SCADA technology to support Control Centre operation while minimising the interruption to the SCADA system
  • Supervise contractor work for the major projects
  • Supervise the implementation of new stations and database modifications in the SCADA/ DSSF Systems to reflect water systems expansions and modifications
  • Software development within/over the SCADA / Metering Systems
  • Participate in fixing the malfunctions and anomalies of SCADA applications and its interconnections with other applications.
  • Perform database administration tasks and supervise the implementation of database modifications
  • Manage SCADA functions performance issues.
  • Control the use of system software according to license agreements
  • Participate in systems testing and commissioning
  • Participate in the activities related to system security, backup and crash recovery

Nikita Seth

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Nikita Seth


I am a proud member of Team UAE, having vast experience in talent acquisition at senior and mid level including projects in IT and Energy Sector.

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