Water Operations Planning Engineer


Water Operations Planning Engineer

UAE Based

United Arab Emirates

Sector: Power Industry

Category: Public Sector and Government

Job Specific Responsibilities:

  • Review and approve Work Orders and Applications for work ensuring that no outages are released without evaluating and assessing impact on security of water supply, water quality, production and economy of operation
  • Ensure that all programmed works are in accordance with safety rules and safety documents are stated in the application for work
  • Maintain the outage program considering changing circumstances and to prepare detailed maneuvering schedules
  • Plan and consult with all concerned parties to produce harmonised outage plans covering the planned outages for the water transmission system
  • Coordinate with distribution companies for outages approval and actions needed from their side if required
  • Review water production outages programs received from the Power Generation Planning section to assure that demand will be satisfied during these outages, provide feedback and prepare necessary action plans if needed
  • Review and approve Work Orders or the procedures of commissioning the new equipment, in coordination with other departments as per system safety rules
  • Liaise with concerned engineers to ensure that all follow up plans are well implemented
  • Assist with generating required reports

Standard Responsibilities:

  • Implement all relevant section policies, processes, and procedures so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner
  • Execute the continuous improvement of systems, processes and practices taking into account ‘international leading practice’ and changes in business environment and leveraging insights. This includes supporting the related change management efforts
  • Ensure adherence to all health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) policies and requirements
  • Contribute to the preparation of timely and accurate reports to meet the section requirements, policies and standards

Nikita Seth

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Nikita Seth


I am a proud member of Team UAE, having vast experience in talent acquisition at senior and mid level including projects in IT and Energy Sector.

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