Role description

Our client is a successful global consulting organisation leading in technology advisory across all industry sectors and expanding rapidly across the region. They are currently looking for DevOps Engineer.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

Must have experience

  • DevOps, CI/CD pipeline build, Helm Chart
  • GitLAB, yml script- Git Secrets,Deployments with kubernetes)
  • Python, Ansible and Shell scripting with Linux
  • DevOPS Tool : Harbour, Soargube, NPM/Pip Registry , Clair,Elastalert,Helm,Monit Operations,Trivia,Wordpress, ZAP,Verdaccio,Site Speed,NodeJSScan,GIT Secrets,Fastlane
  • Elastic Search/Kibana Dashboards/ fluentD

Good to have experience

  • VMware PKS
  • Mysql , MariaDB, Mango DB, MSSQL
  • Redis,Minio, Gluster FS
  • SSL certificate management
  • DevSuit, Keycloak,Jira

Essential skills


Based in the United Arab Emirates, Arunima has been with Thomas Thor since 2016 and is a Senior Recruitment Consultant with international recruitment experience.

Arunima Dipu