One of our clients is looking for a Director for their Radiation protection team. The role is for a Permanent position located in Chalk River.

Role description

The Director of Radiation Protection is responsible for the provision of strategic direction, leadership and support to division staff, which enables them to maximize their effectiveness in developing goals and objectives focused on providing services and/or products for process unit customers/stakeholders.

The Director provides additional guidance, leadership and coaching to unit team leaders for the development of unit processes and/or projects assigned to the unit.

Radiation Protection: Provide a corporate radiation protection management system and support the program with the following services:

  • Health Physics Services, Radiation Protection field services.
  • Radiation Protection Training.
  • Dosimetry Services (internal/external dosimetry)
  • Respirator and Protective Clothing.


The Director is responsible for:

1. Developing and implementing plans to address strategic business issues and functional support area requirements.

2. Developing, implementing, and maintaining a sustainable staffing strategy for the division and functional support area.

3. Optimizing resources required for implementation of functional support area requirements.

4. Effectively implementing company management systems and quality assurance programs in a consistent manner across the division.

5. Interfacing with Customers, Regulators and Stakeholders.

6. Act as the Functional Support Manager for the Radiation Protection Functional Support Area.

Essential skills

  • At least 20 years of demonstrated leadership experience in a safety and health role within a complex, multi-site, industrial environment.
  • Ability to organize information, assess issues and take action within broad organization objectives dealing with a variety of diverse technical, complex organizational and economic challenges.
  • Understanding of business processes.
  • Understanding of  management system and functional support areas, in particular Radiation Protection, Emergency Preparedness, Occupational Safety & Health and Compliance issues.
  • Understanding of the Acts, Regulations and Standards related to Radiation Protection.
  • Ability to interact and negotiate with the regulators (including but not limited to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).
  • Ability to plan, organize and co-ordinate activities of self and others to achieve individual/business unit targets.
  • Ability to foster a team environment, understand and manage group dynamics.
  • Ability to solicit varying points of view, ideas and opinions from team members to help form decisions or plans in achieving division, business unit, and company objectives.  Ability to work in a hazardous environment (i.e. able to wear a respirator, protective clothing, etc.).
  • Ability to be on-call for significant portion of the year (>80%).
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