Moltex Energy Canada is a clean energy technology and development company designing a clean, economic form of nuclear power. The design has cleared the Canadian nuclear regulators VDR1 process and is proceeding to VDR2. Our aim is to produce power at a lower cost than competing fossil fuels for broad international deployment.

The team is based in Saint John New Brunswick with activity across the UK, Canada and internationally. The team is growing with focus on leading the development and deployment of our Stable Salt Reactor Wasteburner reactor (SSR-W) technology in New Brunswick Canada.

Role description

The Head of Engineering will lead the North American design engineering activities including design of the Stable Salt Wasteburner reactor (SSR-W) and design of the associated fuel fabrication facility WATSS from concept stage through detailed design and build. The objective is to lead the design engineering team to ensure that all elements of the plant design are accounted for and taken forward in synergy. Deep understanding of all aspects of the design of a nuclear power plant is vital for success.


Knowledge, Experience and Skills

The Head of Engineering will recruit specialist expertise and source external support where required. The successful candidate will report to the Chief Operating Officer and work alongside the Head of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs, the Head of R&D and the SSR-W and WATSS Project Directors to ensure the team has the engineering and thought leadership needed to prepare their licensing documentation and experiments to proceed with the design.

It is not expected that you will have prior experience with molten salt reactors but knowledge of commercial reactor design and licensing is essential.

The position will be based in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Moltex will provide competitive relocation support.

Essential skills

We are looking for an innovative candidate open to new ways of doing things – someone demonstrating a passion to do things differently and economically while respecting the requirements of nuclear safety. Our goal is to hire a thought leader with excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to lead and build teams, question and be frank with colleagues but also the ability and willingness to learn and solve problems.

The Moltex working environment is exciting, modern, innovative, flexible, inclusive and results-driven.



To be discussed with the candidate.




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Priya Shah