One of our clients based in Ontario is looking for a Health & Safety Director. The role is for a Permanent position, based in Chalk River. It directly reports to the Vice President, Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality.

Role description

Safety and Health represents the combination of Safety and Health (including Health Centre Services), plus Industrial Hygiene in controlling hazards in the workplace arising due to non-radiation operations. Safety and Health employs the three principles of the Internal Responsibility System (IRS)

Everyone in the organization is responsible for health and safety.

The standard of “reasonable care”. Everyone should be taking every precaution reasonable in his or her circumstances to ensure the health and safety of everyone in their proximity.

Safety and health should be systematically and proactively managed within the organization. The management system should be designed to ensure ongoing identification, evaluation and control of risk factors.


The Director, Safety and Health establishes overall governance, provides a continual pro-active approach to the design and implementation of relevant Safety, Health and Industrial Hygiene programs that support worker safety, continuous improvement, and provide effective support of the operations of our business.

  • Develops the mandate, overarching strategy, annual and long-term business plan and budgets to improve the delivery of Safety and Health.
  • Leads a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Safety and Health to deliver the corporate mandate to various Site Conventional Safety teams and to the field at large. Fosters a team environment where worker safety and health issues are identified, analyzed and resolved to ensure effective knowledge transfer and awareness to all team members.
  • Demonstrates leadership in safety and health matters and takes responsibility for incorporating safety considerations and risk management into plans and programs.
  • Provides overall governance to corporate and local operations to ensure adherence to Federal and Provincial Acts and Regulations (where applicable), regulations and codes related to worker safety. Liaises with regulatory agencies at all government levels.
  • Develops a model to ensure there is oversight and reporting of safety and health issues at all operations.
  • Ensures the development and delivery of relevant safety and health training to site location team members, supervisors and managers as required across Canada.
  • Ensures systems are in place to identify and address all industrial hygiene and occupational hazards through evaluation and mitigation. Provides leadership to Site Safety teams who will work closely with the operations teams to ensure continuously improves its performance as a safe working environment.
  • Provides direction and oversight to Site Safety teams and field operations in various locations on the enactment of procedures/protocol/planning and reporting of Incident/Accident investigations, planned inspections and audits.
  • Ensures that all incidents, accidents, investigations and audits are properly documented, logged and tracked in the information management system.
  • Establishes performance measures with a view to improve safety and health performance.
  • Directs the design of programs and procedures to identify, control, eliminate, and prevent disease or injury caused by biohazards, chemical agents, physical hazards or ergonomic factors that involve the impact of equipment design on a worker’s comfort or fatigue.

Essential skills

  • At least 20 years of demonstrated leadership experience in a safety and health role within a complex, multi-site, industrial environment;
  • The demonstrated ability to provide the strategic oversight capability which this role requires:
  • Solid non-authority leadership skills;
  • The ability to influence and persuade Site Leadership and Safety teams without any direct line authority;
  • Candidates must also be comfortable with an organization that is changing and that has high public visibility;
  • Ability to develop “big picture” planning regarding safety and health as well as the tactical plans that allow Field Safety teams to implement objectives at a site level. o Financial understanding (including Earned Value Management Systems) is required to review and understand financial performance of a complex organization. Ability to understand business cases from a financial basis. Ensures the division operates within budget and reports on EVMS performance.
  • Understanding ofmanagement system and functional support areas, in particular Radiation Protection, Environmental Protection, Emergency Preparedness, Occupational Safety & Health, Health Centre, Performance Assurance, Compliance and Quality Assurance issues.
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