Want to be part of the team bringing the commissioning of this megaproject to the finish line and hand it over to the operator?

What a great opportunity to gain last stages experience in a new-build NPP while enjoying the perks this happiest country in the world has to offer!

Role description

As a TXS Commissioning Engineer, you will be in charge of tasks related to Planning, Execution, Control&Monitoring and Closure.

You will be preparing tests related to the execution of commissioning Phase C and D. Your support in defining temporary simulations and simulations related to the plan tests is expected, as well as in the building of the commissioning time schedule.

Supervision of the commissioning activities performed by other personnel in accordance with approved commissioning documents and in compliance with safety and quality rules, as well On-the-job Training of operation and maintenance personnel will be your responsibilities.

You will be also reviewing test procedures and defining simulations – scripts and testing tools to be implemented for the execution of the tests, as well executing the tests. Involvement with the completion of the commissioning activities related to the entrusted I&C is a big part of our tasks, such as the successful issue of process SCR and Phase Commissioning Report, and closing-out of all open points involving TXS I&C system.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

also include:

  • Planning (preparation) such as assessing the impact of test execution to the functions embedded in the TXS systems; participation in the review of the TXS testing equipment and peripheral testing devices and collecting of the I&C system-related testing documentation.
  • Execution activities linked to I&C systems: Initiation of I&C system isolation process; commissioning activities within the entrusted scope under Permit-to-Test (PTT) conditions;
  • Checking and evaluating of test reports; Troubleshooting and analysis activities; Management of temporary changes on-site and outstanding issues;
  • Control and monitoring related tasks include providing inputs to progress measurement and reporting, and Initiating corrective actions in case of deviations
  • Closure/Closing-out of all I&C system open points assigned to I&C Commissioning branch

Essential skills


You have an Engineer degree in automation or generalist, and have experience in design/engineering – manufacturing – test bay or commissioning based on the TXS product line.

You need to be knowledgeable in the TXS technology (both hardware and software products) and in TXS Engineering and Maintenance equipment as well as peripheral testing tools either at Test Bay or during Commissioning. Also, knowledge of establishment and/or review of TXS system test procedures is required.

EPR knowledge would be a plus

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