Role description

Attached to the management of one or more turnkey I&C Projects, the Technical and Operational Coordinator of control-command projects is in charge of managing the definition and supply of control-command systems for reactors in the following areas construction or in operation for export, reports to the Project Director who intervenes more particularly on the commercial aspects and contractual agreements and overall project supervision

The Technical and Operational Coordinator is involved in all phases of the Project, from the construction phase of the offer, and then during the execution of the design / realisation / validation activities of the delivered systems, up to their commissioning on the central offices.

You will ensure the technical and operational management of activities by being responsible for the Quality of execution, compliance with of budgets and deadlines, of the response to customer requirements.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

Main responsibilities and authorities

– Analysing customer technical and operational needs and requirements,

– Definition of orientation, technical and industrial choices in consultation with the stakeholders and in particular our partners external,

– Definition of the needs, means and processes specific to the implementation stages of the I&C Project entrusted to us,

– Defining operational requirements, managing them and ensuring their compliance,

– Defining, managing, and guaranteeing the conformity of the systems sold (V&V) with the support of the system architect, quality project engineer, the stakeholders and experts allocated to the project,

– Animation of the engineering resources and experts that are allocated to the project,

– Technical and operational definition of the deliverables contracted with our partners,

– Steering of partners, monitoring of subcontracted services (Quality, Costs and deadlines),

– Define and implement the document configuration and traceability management system based on the PMO Documents configuration & Communication channels controller

– Control internal and external documentation and deliverables,

– Deploy and pilot the configuration management (document and product) of the project over the entire project life cycle,

– Participate in technical and operational clarifications with the client,

– Contractual relationship and customer support on technical and operational aspects,

– Management of planning, costs and engineering workload,

– Monitoring technical risks and participating in the management and steering of amendments and changes in the technical and operational perimeter

Depending on the project, you may be required to manage and defend technical offers (definition of the need, cost and time estimates, partner consultations & offer writing).

In a more transversal framework:

– Supporting the skills development of stakeholders in I&C projects

– Participate in the improvement of I&C project management processes

– Participate in leading the company’s change to I&C areas

Essential skills

– Experience in the operational management of projects with strong regulatory constraints with functional animation resources,

– Automation architectures, I&C systems in the activity Nuclear, Mastery of safety standards and methodologies (IEC 61508, IEC 61513).

– Mastering the deployment of Requirements Engineering on development projects,

– Mastery of the standards and regulations applicable to nuclear power plants,

 Knowledge of QA processes relevant to his/her function

– Expertise in Operating and Nuclear Safety

– Leadership ; Technical and cross-functional team coordination multidisciplinary

– Good adaptation to multidisciplinary environments

-English: mastery of written and oral communication (context, context, etc. international),

-French ideally oral and written communication skills,

-Russian or German is a plus


Hélène Douchet has built extensive experience in the recruitment industry and specialises in the European nuclear market.

Hélène Douchet