Would you like to be at the heart of developing the new generation of nuclear reactors?

Role description

You will lead in the scientific development of the chemistry of SSR’s as well as engage with regulatory bodies, presenting information underpinning the technology and findings.

As a lead chemist, you will be responsible for the commissioning of R&D in applied chemistry and associated modelling to support technological developments and will also hold responsibility for providing oversight and direction to the team for delivery of this work including:


  • Managing post irradiation examination to confirm materials are performing as expected.
  • Leading the development of pyro chemistry for conversion of spent fuel to fresh reactor fuel.
  • Ensuring the effective use of pre-existing knowledge in stable salts is optimised in the delivery of this work.
  • Substantiating salt performance and chemistry as part of a nuclear licensed site safety case.

Essential skills

This is your opportunity to bring your delivery and leadership skills to the team and become an industry recognised leader in SSR chemistry.

For more information about the role and organisation please contact Olivia Mindrila: o.mindrila@thomas-thor.com

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Olivia Mindrila