Role description

Adding value and expertise to a well-known growing global organization, also operating in Canada, our client, Moltex Energy, is currently looking for a Lead Nuclear Safety Engineer. This is a permanent employment opportunity based in New Brunswick, Canada.

As the Lead Nuclear Safety Engineer, you will be the subject matter expert in the company, managing a small team of engineers and scientists to assist and lead the Nuclear Safety engineering activities of the Stable Salt Reactor – Wasteburner (SSR-W) and the WAste to Stable Salt (WATSS) fuel processing facility.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

The main purpose of this position is to develop detailed arguments to offer a safety approach for SSR-W and WATSS based on the Moltex criteria, that is, in the elimination and substitution of risks rather than in engineering controls. In other words, the “What” given by the company in the safety case developed at the conceptual level must be converted into the “How” for the particular design.

  • In line management of the Nuclear Safety engineering team, providing guidance and direction including objective setting, performance management, and training and development needs assessment and implementation.
  • Integrate with other engineering groups as needed to support the overall design and licensing efforts.
  • Provide technical and strategic advice to the senior management to resolve nuclear safety issues.
  • Assistance to the client’s nuclear licensing process, including the establishment of associated documents such as PSAR and FSAR (preliminary and final safety assessment report);
  • Interact with regulators to explain methods, models, and analyses.
  • Develop and review of nuclear safety documentation, including Documented Safety Analyses, Technical Safety Requirements, Hazard Analysis, classification & qualification requirements with respect to safety functions and items important to safety, radiological consequences studies, internal and external hazards studies including the definition of the load case, determination of PIE’s (postulated initiating events), and DBA’s (design basis accidents), etc.
  • Responsible for the verification and validation activities associated with the computer codes used in these analyses.

Required Qualifications & Experience:

  • Advanced degree in nuclear engineering, or applicable science or engineering discipline.
  • 15+ years’ experience in the nuclear safety area through support of the commercial nuclear industry, a national regulatory authority, or a leading institution in nuclear technology R&D.
  • Deep understanding of the fundamentals of the categorization of Safety Functions and the classification of Structures, Systems and Components (SSC), based on functional analysis of failures consequences.
  • Able to negotiate nuclear safety control strategies with all stakeholders
  • Experience in multiple types of analysis or analysis on multiple designs.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Strong understanding of thermal hydraulic behaviour of nuclear power plants under steady state and transient conditions.
  • Good knowledge of all technical disciplines within the nuclear domain, in order to be able to discuss safety aspects related to them.
  • Familiarity with nuclear design, regulatory requirements, and risk-informed performance-based technology guidance for Non-LWR is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Canadian licensing system is an asset.

Essential skills

Nuclear | Safety | Licensing | Regulator | Hazard Analysis | Safety Functions | SSC

As a recruitment consultant at Thomas Thor, I am proud to contribute to the development of clean nuclear energy. I specialize in the Canadian nuclear industry and support the creation and the retention of a sustainable nuclear workforce.

Gera Ballart