We are looking for one of our clients in the East of France a Lead Engineer for the Nuclear Safety Equipment Qualification department. Responsibilities span over the complete Life Cycle of the Project and aim at ensuring timely delivery of the qualified equipment and associated services.

Role description

In this role, you ensure that concerned  Equipment (e.g cubicles of I&C systems, mechanical & electrical components) are compliant with the requirements. As the NSEQ Lead Engineer, you supervise and coordinate the NSEQ scope of all customer’s product lines, all the associated Suppliers, subcontractors and/or partners as required by the Project. Responsibility is to ensure that a common NSEQ Process and Management tool is available to Steam Power Projects (Heath Exchangers, Turbine, Generator, Pumps, Construction & Commissioning).

Lead Engineer is accountable for the Progress, Cost and Quality of the NSEQ of the Projectsscopeand the other Products’ Lines scope.  One of the tasks is to support in equipment qualification-activities and reporting to the Project the NSEQ progress as defined in the set of agreed KPIs.


Knowledge, Experience and Skills

  • Establish the NA184 related to the equipment qualification activities, incorporating the experience feedback & project-specific requirements.
  • Implements the NSEQ follow-up tool and prepares the NSEQ EDM.
  • Defines the list of codes and standards, establishes safety classified items accordingly
  • Establishes/Reviews compliance matrix of safety classified components vs Nuclear Safety requirement
  • Assesses possible gaps and weaknesses identified and proposes compensating measures
  • Establishes qualification strategy of every equipment to be qualified and ensures it’s validation.
  • Organise kick-offs and training of the project team and the Suppliers/Partners.
  • Supports the Engineers
  • Develop the qualification plan including the tests and the relevant methodology together with the Supplier/Customer in accordance with the defined strategy.
  • Review all the Hardware qualification documentation: Monitoring file; Equipment Identification file; Reference file; Change management procedure of the Reference files and resulting Major/Minormodification sheets of the DR; Qualification Report and Qualification Preservation sheet.
  • Reviews all the I&C System qualification documentation
  • Assists the factory Integration and Validation test phases
  • Review Construction and Commissioning procedures related to NSEQ and related Activities
  • Handover
  • Assists the site installation and commissioning phases on NSEQ activities.
  • Ensures that change management of NSEQ is properly handled according to the defined process and transmit the Modification Impact Analysis report
  • Establish/review the Qualification Report and Handover of NSEQ Qualification Report

Essential skills

  • Degree in Engineering (Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, …) or “Ecole d’Ingénieur”
  • Fluent in English
  • Nuclear Safety Training/Awareness
  • Risk assessment, FMEA or RAM study or equivalent
  • Experience (at least 3 years) in Engineering for the Design or the Validation of equipment for Nuclear Power Plant
  • For Electrical Hardware Qualification: RCC-E or IEE 323, IEC 60068 or EDF Technical Requirement CTR/BTR 80.C.012 or IEC 60780 Electrical Equipment of the Safety System
  • Qualification on IEC 61000 series
  • Mechanical Qualification: RCC-M or ASME QME-1 or other related standards


Desired skills

  • At least 3 years of experience applying Nuclear Standards and Codes particularly
  • Experience (at least 3 years) in Engineering for the Design or the Qualification of SafetyClassified Equipment For I&C System Qualification
  • Seismic Qualification (IEC), Irradiation Qualification (RCC-) and
  • Experienced with Unity Responsible of Qualification, Nuclear Regulations

Mira has over six years of experience in the recruitment industry. As Recruiter at Thomas Thor Associates, she focuses mainly on Finland and continental Europe.

Mira Kantola