Role description

The Nuclear R&D Chemist will work in Moltex’s R&D department to lead and supervise chemistry and chemistry-related work that supports the development of Moltex nuclear technologies, including the Stable Salt Reactor – Wasteburner (SSR-W) and the WAste To Stable Salt (WATSS) facility.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

  • Conduct R&D needs analyses, including defining experiments for Moltex technologies, which are likely to include experiments related to:
    • fuel salt/Coolant salt phase diagrams
    • noble gas solubility in fuel/coolant
    • miscibility of fuel in coolant
    • evolution of properties over time
    • redox control of fuel salt
    • redox control of coolant salt
    • vapour pressure
  • Execute experiments defined in the R&D needs analyses
  • Support the technical oversight of chemistry work packages outsourced to national laboratories, academia and similar organizations
  • Perform practical and theoretical chemical investigations, including desktop studies (e.g., using of HSC/FACTSAGE) in support of the chemical processes being considered for the Moltex technologies
  • Design and oversee chemical experiments, and integrate the results into the design of Moltex technologies
  • Lead the analysis, interpretation, reporting and dissemination of results to the multi-disciplinary groups across North America and the UK
  • Deliver work packages and related deliverables, and manage work package schedules, budgets and resources
  • Check and approve the deliverables produced by the chemistry team

Skills, qualifications & experience

  • Masters’ or higher degree with relevant industrial experience
  • Experience leading chemistry projects with defined schedules and budgets in a commercial laboratory environment
  • Experience working in a dynamic team environment
  • Practical laboratory experience and willingness to work with high temperature materials
  • Experience defining, planning and executing experiments
  • Experience working to challenging deadlines on projects for industrial customers
  • Experience leading team members (including PhD students and other placements) through experimental work packages
  • Practical and pragmatic individual motivated to deliver laboratory results that move the Moltex mission forwards
  • Experience specifying, procuring, using and maintaining analytical equipment

Essential skills

Nuclear Technologies, R&D, Chemistry Experiments, Technical Oversight, High Temp

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Priya Shah