Would you like to be at the heart of developing the new generation of nuclear reactors?

Role description

You’ll engage in the conversation about SSR nuclear physics across a number of stakeholders, explaining, debating and justifying the SSR nuclear physics with the ultimate aim of bringing new technology to the market as part of an integrated engineering and design team within a growing company.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

Your focus will be the development and maintenance of the nuclear physics models and simulations to substantiate the safe operation of the suite of reactors. This will include:

  • Steady state, transient and design- based accident conditions, the identification of the most appropriate codes for the models and simulations as well as coupling of nuclear physics simulations and CFD simulations for accurately modelling core performance.
  • Engaging with industry and academia to explore and existing knowledge and expertise to apply to models and simulations/ other R&D activities
  • Presenting and substantiating of nuclear physics to regulatory bodies and stakeholders

Essential skills

You could be an ambitious and burgeoning subject matter expert, or you could be an established and recognised industry leader, depending upon where you are in your career.

For more information about the role and organisation please contact Olivia Mindrila at: o.mindrila@thomas-thor.com

My colleagues and I have in depth knowledge of the structure, current projects and future projects of organisations in the international nuclear energy industry. We use this information to map out where opportunities exist and then match the experts we represent with the right opportunities. If you are currently working in the nuclear industry then we can offer you advice, support and representation. Please feel free to contact me.

Olivia Mindrila