Are you interested in instrumentation, perhaps in scientific instruments and hoping to develop yourself some more?

Our American client is offering a chance for specializing and is looking for a local representative to Magurele, Romania to join them.

Role description

As an On-Site Service Engineer, you will be representing our client during the installation and commissioning, as well as acting as operational support of their scientific instrument. You will be working with Operations and Engineering teams remotely, and on-site during visits of personnel from the US.

Training for the instrument will be held in California and conducted in several multi-week sessions. This training incl. the operation and maintenance of the system and after training and completion of the installation, you will remain on-site as a support person for the operation. Later on, you will be expected also to support additional systems elsewhere in Europe.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

include, but are not limited to:

  • Representing on a daily basis with work schedule to increase overlap with US time zone (i.e., start and end work later in the day) and be the local interface.
  • Developing a strong working knowledge of the system and its technologies to support installation, accomplishing preventive maintenance and issuing recognition, and acting as first-line fault isolation and corrective maintenance.
  • Performing technical tasks as instructed: take measurements, perform tests and minor installations and maintain equipment.
  • In-charge of OHS, fire safety and first aid, and train others in these areas. Work with different stakeholders on implementing programs to meet regulations.
  • Running periodic checks of compliance with code and regulations.

Essential skills

You have experience in scientific or other high-end instrumentation and a technical degree either in mechanics or electrics.
Formal training in facilities (electrical, water, air) and equipment operation/maintenance are also expected.

You are hands-on and can work on electronic, high powered electrical, mechanical, vacuum and optical equipment, as well facility infrastructure (electrical, HVAC, plumbing), and are familiar with technical/scientific instrumentation and able to perform tasks on complex equipment (on instructions or remote support).

Understanding of local OH, fire safety and related fields is required.

In this role, you must be available for regular communication during evening hours and to be able to travel internationally (1-2 long trips of 4-6 weeks, and several other trips of 1-2 weeks annually).

Desired skills

Highly regulated field experience, preferably in nuclear

You have the authorization to operate lifting equipment (ISCIR).

Familiarity with engineering systems (CAD, Matlab, LabView, etc.) or the Linux operating system.


This is a permanent job.
Please submit your resume with a monthly salary request by Monday the 17th of May.

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