For a well known client operating in the United Arab Emirates, we are currently looking for an Operations Instructor.

Role description

To provide deliver technical instruction and evaluations for the Operations personnel and key management staff at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP), including Initial, Requalification, or Management Certification training and evaluations. Administer Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulations (FANR) exams. Follow best practices established by program leaders to ensure adherence to the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) process.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

Training Development and Administration

  • Deliver training and evaluation material in an effective manner that meets World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) and FANR standards to ensure operators receive the required training material in the classroom.
  • Analyze, design, develop, deliver and provide assistance in implementing and evaluating various operator training programs (Certified and Non-Certified) to ensure procedural requirements are met so that the operators master all associated objectives and remain in adherence to the SAT process.
  • Administer written exams and simulator and job performance evaluations to ensure there are no exam compromises.
  • Deliver training to key Nawah personnel on relevant operational procedures, eSOMS training, and nuclear technologies to establish baseline knowledge amongst management at BNPP.

Corrective Action Program (CAP)

  • Check all assigned actions to ensure that no actions go overdue.
  • Check CAP to ensure any conditions adverse to quality are filed to engage improvement process.

Health and Safety and Security

  • Follow all relevant company’s Health and Safety policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure compliance in all aspects of work as per sound management practices. Apply these policies and procedures to self and others to ensure reasonable care of the health and safety of the employee; the environment; and various individuals who may be affected by the employee’s acts or omissions at work.
  • Follow all relevant Security policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure security compliance in all aspects of work, by applying them on self, others and Corporate assets.
  • Ensure compliance with corporate requirements for adherence to policies, procedures and instructions related to Crisis Management and Business Continuity in order to continue mission critical activities.

People Management

  • Contribute to the development of UAE National employees in a manner which supports the objectives of the corporation and its Emiratization strategy.
  • Contribute to knowledge dissemination/sharing in a way that assists with building internal capabilities of UAE Nationals where applicable and maximize their effective performance.

Excellence and Quality Management

  • Ensure commitment to a culture of continuous improvement by eliminating waste, following operations procedures, practicing innovation, problem solving, and teamwork; complying with Quality Management System policies and procedures; providing and receiving constructive feedback, and striving to meet quality standards and stakeholder expectations.
  • Ensure Commitment to the Nawah Fundamentals.

Essential skills

  • Work experience in Operations Department in Nuclear Power Plant or Operations Training in Nuclear Power Plant (PWR or Digital Control Room PWR)
  • 3 years of relevant training experience
  • Should have demonstrated knowledge of instructional techniques through training or experience.

Senior recruitment consultant with international recruitment experience across EMEA region, including major projects such as Barakah NPP.

Julija Paulauskaite