Would you like to put your commissioning experience in test and be part of the very last stages of a new-build NPP before the hand-over to the operator?

Role description

As a Commissioning Investigation Team member, you will have a broader knowledge in mechanical, electrical, I&C, components, process and risks.

The team is composed of Mechanical Actuators/components oriented persons and/or Sensors electrical oriented persons and will be called when issues/malfunctions occur on actuators, sensors or components.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

You and your team will act on-site for the Overall Commissioning Engineer (OCE) on shift; under his test permit and in close communication with MCR for equipment manoeuvrability. The team is responsible for giving diagnostic in order to draw a repair plan and organize further corrective or preventive actions.

Essential skills

You have an engineering degree in Nuclear, Mechanical, Process or Electric, and you have worked on an NPP (on New Builds or Installed Base) at least for 5 years. Experience in PWR operation is a plus.

Experience in Test and Commissioning: participation to testing, commissioning, or recommissioning after major refuelling outages on a nuclear power reactor (PWR appreciated) at an operational position is required.

Knowledge of basic nuclear and reactor physics, thermo hydraulics, and PWR chemistry is required, and experience on the turbine island will also be appreciated.

Previous experience during cold or hot functional testing on a new build is a plus,


Please apply before the 17th of January.

Mira has over six years of experience in the recruitment industry. As Recruiter at Thomas Thor Associates, she focuses mainly on Finland and continental Europe.

Mira Kantola