Role description

Sustainable Growth related:

  • Execute all assigned tasks and to ensure that these are executed efficiently, accurately and in a timely manner
  • Report on the overall performance and work progress of tasks assigned to him and junior engineers under him.

Stakeholder Focus related:

  • Execute all external stakeholder facing transactions in line with TRANSCO stakeholder strategy resulting in higher satisfaction and timely delivery of services
  • Address stakeholder needs, problems and requests in a timely manner
  • Ensure the delivery of a world-class stakeholder experience
  • Support the stakeholder focused culture minimizing disruption to impacted stakeholders while ensuring stakeholders are kept informed

Operational Excellence related:

To liaise with internal and external bodies to assure the adequate availability of Power and Water Capacity and fuel is sufficient to fulfill Power and Water Demand, and reserves obligations with maintaining system stability and network security.
To operate the Despatch Models, siemens unit commitment and Plexos models in order to meet the predicted power and water demands and further use these models for system studies and analysis.
To work as a member of Generation planning team providing a quality control on economy of operation, security of supply and customer care perspective.
To coordinate the scheduling of generating units connected to grid while ensuring economy of operation and security of supply.

  • To manage the generation in order to meet the forecast power demand, spinning reserve requirements and to coordinate with water planning and water real time to meet water demand as well.
  • To issue daily generation Planning Schedule (NCC NEWS) to the Power Real Time Control Engineers to provide them, in advance, with the generating units planned activities for the next day.
  • To issue daily Strategic planning studies and cost analysis studies for reporting purposes.
  • To liaise with the generating stations in preparation and maintenance of the generation units and desalination plant outages program in the light of the forecasted power and water demands.
  • To optimize the generation outages to meet the predicted power & water demands considering declared availabilities.
  • To liaise with Planning sections of Interconnected authorities (i.e. Emirates National Grid, GCC control Centre, Oman control Centre etc.) to maintain the schedule exchange across the interconnector, schedule and coordinate outages, emergency assistance, compensation program and other commissioning activities.
  • To comply with relevant operational standards & procedures and to work towards the full application of the Power Transmission Code in the operational matters.
  • To verify and check the correctness of generation database, to maintain the same and to provide external parties with necessary data.
  • To liaise with Transmission Engineer to maintain the security of supply in the light of transmission outage and constraints.
  • To liaise and cooperate with the settlement staff to ensure and maintain accurate settlement information.
  • To work with other teams within System Operator Divisions to ensure timely and accurate provision of technical data/information for internal and external use.
  • To ensure that Generation planning team is fully conversant with their responsibilities.
  • Analyze and review contract specifications, security standards.
  • Train new Engineers to carry out Generation planning activities.
  • Upgrade technical skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis
  • Set targets and standards of performance for himself/herself including junior team members
  • Manage the performance of the individual junior members of the team.
  • Review and ensure proper verification process are in place on daily basis of the daily dispatching vs UC plan
  • Review and ensure proper verification process are in place on daily basis of the inputs and outputs of the daily Back cast studies
  • Conduct feasibility analysis for proposed dispatching activities
  • Manage for the compliance monitoring of power plants activities
  • Issue a weekly dispatching performance Report
  • Develop new software tools for use by the NCC to support their power system situational awareness.
  • Review and coordinate issues related to Emergency Response of IWPP and fuel providers to internal and external parties.
  • Seeks to establish/build and maintain a robust and effective energy trading organization.
  • Seek to be one of the Leaders of the ongoing communication and engagement with the energy trading team members to effectively manage and support the energy trading technology systems and related functional and technical processes.
  • Protects and nurtures the System Operator reputation in the GCC and UAE community as a reputable, consistent and professional organization through exemplary interactions with external parties.
  • Supports the energy trading systems delivery project as a subject matter expert and business validation owner to ensure the project delivers high-value solutions that meet the functional and technical requirements for the energy trading business.
  • Drives a proactive, continuous, and commercially minded engagement with existing and potential counterparties
  • Actively engages internal (sector) and external (government) stakeholders to communicate trading strategy, convey the benefits of energy trading.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

Minimum of 8 years of extensive experience in System Operations preferably in a:

  • Diverse/ multi-cultural business industry (obtained from medium to large organization)
  • Multi-national company
  • Energy and Utility sector

Nikita is a recruitment consultant with international recruitment experience across the MENA region. She specialises in projects in IT, Digital Transformation and Net Zero industries including Nuclear.

Nikita Seth