Our client is developing a suite of documents that provide information, organizational direction and guidelines for all activities related to the safe operation and maintenance of the client’s facilities.

The documents include, but are not limited to policies, manuals, program descriptions, procedures, instructions, guidelines, data and general technical and business information.

The timely completion of client’s procedures is critical to achieve milestones that support fuel load and substantial completion for Units 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Role description

Our client needs to retain the services of contractors to support its efforts to complete the initial procedure writing tasks, several procedure maintenance tasks and procedure review tasks.

The workload in procedures and records management function has increased substantially and the following elements require contractors dedicated to procedure writing service within our client’s procedure management group, where the contractors assist the client’s documentation project with the day-to-day procedure writing service, as required by the client.



  • Creation of initial procedures using vendor manuals, industry procedures or procedures supplied by other experts as required by the functions
  • Processing of Procedure Change Requests (PCRs) generated by the functions. These procedure change requests are generated on a daily basis by the functions and work is allocated by the procedure controller/supervisor on a daily basis
  • Reformatting of existing procedures in accordance with client’s administrative writers guide and technical writers guide requirements. These time-lines are determined by management and the functions
  • Perform technical administrative activities as assigned by section head
  • The contracted procedure writers are fully integrated into the client’s procedures and records management function and systems and makes a large contribution in decreasing the procedure workload of the function

Essential skills

  • Full English fluency is required for procedure understanding, print reading and interfacing with other departments to complete the tasks at hand
  • Have at least 5 years of nuclear power plant experience as a nuclear procedure writer
  • Advanced print reading skills (electrical, mechanical, P&ID, logic and control) to be able to accurately understand plant drawings
  • Candidates must be able to understand vendor manuals from a technical perspective to apply that knowledge to procedure content and to validate or recommend technical information be added to procedures to ensure clear, concise and accurate content
  • Candidates must understand the concept of procedure use and adherence and its application to procedures

Desired skills

Ability to work in a multicultural environment.

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