For a Finnish client, we are looking for a Training Project Engineer.


Role description

As a Project Engineer you are responsible for oversight and coordination of training requirements. You will work in close co-operation with client’s and the supplier’s training organization. You will ensure that the supplier follows the agreed time schedule to provide documentation in time.


Your tasks include e.g.

  • Overseeing that the training requirements are fulfilled
  • Coordinating the training requirements
  • Cooperating with the supplier regarding training requirements fulfilment
  • Overseeing the training documentation quality
  • Overseeing the quality of training
  • Participating in meetings with the supplier and organizing meetings
  • Monitoring and reporting the supplier training activities
  • Managing schedules, tasks and actions
  • Developing processes and procedures

Essential skills

Ideal candidate for this position has

  • Applicable B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree
  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience, in the nuclear field
  • Previous experience of requirement management or other coordination and scheduling tasks in complex environments
  • Language skills: fluent in English 
  • Active and initiative approach, an ability to organize and coordinate effectively
  • Knowledge of nuclear power plant training
  • Experience in technical documentation handling
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