Are you looking to join a new project and put your skills on a test? Working as a Mechanical PTW Work Planner is an opportunity to strengthen your existing skills and getting some valuable knowledge of blockings, work orders and tests in a new build NPP.

Role description

On this role, the technical clarification of work orders and the permits to tests would be your responsibility. You would be creating and validating blockings or simulations.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

Your daily duties will form from a broad range of tasks like planning of works/tests; creating work orders and blocking; executing work and finalizing of works and tests – all combined with the following deliverables:
– Validated work orders and blockings
– Carried out blockings
– Work program

Essential skills

After your education, you have gained several years of PWR experience in test and commissioning, or participation to after major refuelling outage. Work orders, blockings and experience with work planning for industrial installations have already been part of your duties for a longer period of time.

You have the ability to work on the different process diagram, isometrics, preparation of solution and support for inventories in the field, and you have the ability to quickly adapt to the different project databases, software etc.

Deadline for application is Monday the 25th of May. Please feel free contacting me on LinkedIn or by email 

Mira has over six years of experience in the recruitment industry. As Recruiter at Thomas Thor Associates, she focuses mainly on Finland and continental Europe.

Mira Kantola