We are currently looking for a Radiation Protection Expert to join a nuclear new build project in leading the tasks related to drawing up of the Radiation Protection chapter of a Safety Analysis Report and Shielding design. You would be joining a long term project with a minimum of 1-year initial assignment (which can be extended).

Role description

  • To provide advice and conduct/contribute to the initial efforts related to drawing up an adequate Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E) report, according to applicable Dutch regulations.
  • To support activities, provide advice, and potentially lead the tasks related to drawing up the Radiation Protection chapter of a Safety Analysis Report for a new-build research reactor.
  • To issue advice on state-of-the-art design solutions aimed at risk reduction and the practical implications on staff members, visitors to the organization and the environment;

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

The advice of the Radiation Protection Expert shall cover, but is not be limited to, the following:

  • Optimisation and establishment of appropriate dose constraints;
  • Categorisation of controlled and supervised areas;
  • Classification of workers;
  • Workplace and individual monitoring programmes and related personal dosimetry;
  • suitable Personal Protective Equipment for the different work activities/practices and situations, preferably based on practical operational and organisational radiation protection experience in Dutch nuclear organisations
  • Appropriate radiation monitoring instrumentation;
  • Arrangements for radioactive waste management;
  • The structural facilities and circulation diagrams regarding radiation safety;
  • Arrangements for prevention of radiological accidents and incidents;
  • Preparation of written procedures and instructions

Essential skills

  • Solid and practical knowledge of the national protocols for drawing up the Risk Inventory and Evaluation report (RI&E);
  • Chemical or Nuclear engineering background
  • Ability to draw up, or contribute to draw up a high-quality license application;
  • Ability to take into account all stakeholders and the basic principles of radiation protection (justification, optimisation, dose limitation);
  • Ability to deal with the tension between applying the ALARA principle and the various competing particular interests, and be able to deal with this flexibly in practice without losing sight of the objective to be obtained (a safe workplace);
  • Aility to assess or conduct shielding and dose calculations him/herself;
  • Good communication skills and the ability to give information and instruction, lectures, provide education to the Radiation Protection Team
  • Fluency in English

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