Thomas Thor has been engaged by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) to fill the Fuel R&D Scientist role to support the Fuel Development Branch at their Chalk River Laboratories in the upper Ottawa Valley. CNL is Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization, serving Canada as an enabler of business innovation and technology transfer. While viewed as a world leader in developing peaceful and innovative applications from nuclear technology through its expertise in physics, metallurgy, chemistry, biology, and engineering, CNL is committed to ensuring that Canadians and the world receive energy, health, and environmental benefits from nuclear science and technology.

Role description

The Fuel Development Branch develops technologies for fabrication of advanced nuclear fuels, measures fuel material properties, fabricates and irradiates fuels in research reactors, and conducts post-irradiation examinations to study the fuel performance characteristics. The activities of the Fuel Materials Section include the thermophysical properties measurements of nuclear fuel and other materials. These measurements are required to support the development of advanced fuel materials, evaluate performance, inform safety evaluations, and increase thermal properties knowledge. Tasks are multi-disciplinary, and include interfacing with staff from: Fuel Fabrication S&T group, Recycle Fuel Fabrication Laboratory (RFFL), hot-cells, physics, thermal hydraulics, safety, analytical chemistry, surface science group, etc.


  • Provide direction and insights into strategic development of capabilities for Molten Salt Fuel properties measurement.
  • Participate in the development of processes to measure physical and thermo-physical properties of molten salt fuel materials.
  • Work in teams of professionals and technologists specializing in the characterization of fuel materials properties and behaviour.
  • Conduct studies of nuclear fuels and develops processes for characterization of molten salts.
  • Develop processes to characterize non-irradiated and irradiated fuel materials.
  • Write technical reports and publish in open-literature high-caliber journals.
  • Provide progress reports against deliverables for R&D and commercial projects.
  • Communicate with stakeholders and contribute to technical peer reviewed publications.
  • Contribute to R&D planning and provide technical review and definition of work scope.
  • Contribute directly to the safe operations of molten salt fuel laboratories.

Essential skills

  •  PhD in Engineering or Science from a university of recognized standing, or membership in an engineering or scientific professional organization authorized by statute to establish qualification for membership in that organization
  • Experience in the field of molten salt fuels
  • Strong knowledge of nuclear fuel, fuel characterization, fuel performance, and related topics
  • Experience in fuel performance or fuel properties modeling is an asset
  • Demonstrated ability to write technical and strategic reports
  • Knowledge of safety procedures and quality assurance in laboratory operations is essential
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