Role description


  • Actively promote a pro-active safety culture and perform analysis to create learning from experience behavior;
  • Define and maintain plant design intent and (safety) basis of a design by developing and maintaining Group Reference Design standards, i.e. functional and technical specifications of (integrated) processes and systems, engineering standards, datasheets, i.e. Urenco Technical Library;
  • Ensure advanced plant designs comprises safety features based on best industrial practice and lessons learned from Urenco and the (nuclear) business;
  • Provide governance and oversight concerning Detailed Design and supplier manufacturing quality processes on request of site or group project managers. Perform design reviews and approve as delegated design authority the designs concerning the expertise area;
  • Establish, control, and maintain Group Reference Design and safety case standards and requirements. Group Reference Design includes core UF6 enrichment, critical core UF6 support system requirements, relevant UF6 de-conversion requirements, and all design and safety case requirements in support of UTD activities.
  • Contribute to Post Implementation Reviews in the expertise area to establish the feedback loop to Design Authority from a design, safety/license compliance, operational, and asset management perspective.
  • Contribute to troubleshooting and debottlenecking investigations on request of the operational sites.
  • Lead business-critical incident investigations and (root) cause analysis in the expertise area.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

Experience required:

  • Recognized specialist in expertise area; high, in-depth level of knowledge and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Demonstrable track record in successful design delivery involving feasibility and BAT studies, conceptual and basic designs of complex process facilities.
  • Senior experience in plant design .

Specific knowhow and technical skills:

  • Ability to model and simulate complex stationary and dynamic integrated process systems with respect to process and mechanical requirements, design starting points.
  • The ability to apply concepts and past experience to problems or challenges to assist in organizational learning and development.
  • Expertise in process industry.
  • Capability to analyse (measurement) data of complex process systems to solve or improve performance and understand (root) cause of events.


  • Essential: Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics or Advanced Technology. Any other equivalent in combination with a Professional Engineer (PE) license obtained by accredited examination in associated areas.
  • Preferred: Master’s Degree or PhD from an accredited college or university in Electrical Engineering and/or Electronics.

Behavioral competencies:

  • Driving for Results: Focuses on new and better ways of achieving goals; makes changes that produce a noticeable improvement.
  • Focus on performance: Demands high performance and quality, makes known the consequences of non-performance.
  • Customer Orientation: Understands the customer’s business and needs and works to find the appropriate solution to make a difference, ahead of the competition.
  • Going Beyond the Data: Analytical skills to understand complex issues and see patterns and trends and find solutions.
  • Working Collaboratively: Promotes works collaboratively with Design & Engineering Teams Group-wide.

Essential skills

Basic Design – Conceptual Design

International Executive Search & Recruitment Specialist with 10yrs+ of experience over several key industries and geographies.

Petra van der Sluijs