Would you like to be engaging with communities at the heart of one of the world’s largest and most challenging environmental engineering projects, as they explore the possibility of hosting a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) for the long-term management of some of the UK’s radioactive waste?

Role description

You will be part of the team responsible for supporting the implementation of the GDF site evaluation process in the UK. Your role will be focused on using your knowledge of planning and regulatory requirements for geological disposal to implement RWM’s established site evaluation approach.


Your key duties will include:

  • Implementing the site evaluation process, while maintaining and developing understanding of site evaluation approaches and input this knowledge into discussions with key stakeholders.
  • Being responsible for the management and delivery of community, area and site evaluations in participating communities.
  • Preparing technical specifications suitable for procuring the full range of site evaluations, local studies and site feasibility studies and related activities needed to undertake the site evaluation process.
  • Supporting delivery of necessary environmental and land-use permits and consents, engaging with regulators and other stakeholders in securing successful permits and consents applications.

Essential skills

This is an opportunity to use your communication and influencing skills to build trust with the public, as you will be providing support in discussions with communities, specialist contractors and regulators to specify and procure community, local and site studies.

If you feel you are suitably qualified for this position, Thomas Thor would like to hear from you. Please contact Olivia Mindrila at o.mindrila@thomas-thor.com


About RWM:

RWM’s vision is to create a safer future by managing radioactive waste effectively, to protect people and the environment.

RWM’s mission is to deliver a Geological Disposal Facility and provide radioactive waste management solutions. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the NDA, RWM’s programmes of work deliver Government Policy, and NDA Strategy, for radioactive waste management.

My colleagues and I have in depth knowledge of the structure, current projects and future projects of organisations in the international nuclear energy industry. We use this information to map out where opportunities exist and then match the experts we represent with the right opportunities. If you are currently working in the nuclear industry then we can offer you advice, support and representation. Please feel free to contact me.

Olivia Mindrila