For a well known client operating in the United Arab Emirates, we are currently looking for a Solid Radwaste System (SRS) Specialist. This is a permanent position to be based in the UAE.

Role description

Administer and operate Solid Radwaste System (SRS) to safely manage and store radioactive waste as per the regulatory requirements for predisposal management of radioactive waste.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

SRS Operation and Radiation Protection

  • Administer and operate the Concentrate Treatment System (CTS) and Polymer Solidification System (PSS) to ensure solidified radwaste complies with the disposal criteria.
  • Control generated radioactive waste packages as per Radioactive Waste Management Program to maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Support the implementation of inventory management activities of radioactive waste treatment equipment and expendables to enable efficient waste management operations.
  • Conduct Radioactive Material Packaging/Control to ensure safe operations at the plant:
  • Handle, ship, manage, and dispose radwaste.
  • Maintain radwaste treatment equipment and expendables.

Staff Training and Qualification

  • Follow identified training needs to develop and enhance necessary technical knowledge and skills.
  • Provide training feedback on program effectiveness with evaluation of performance to enable improvement in training programs.

Essential skills

Academic Qualification and Experience

  • Bachelor of Science Degree.
  • 3 years of relevant experience.


Technical Competency

  • Ability to conceptualize, plan, develop, and manage the assigned programs for a multi-unit station.
  • Understands license basis requirement.
  • Understands the responsibilities with regard to the plant modification and work control requirements of a nuclear power plant.
  • Understands regulatory requirements relative to the modification of a nuclear power plant.
  • Knowledge of nuclear power plant modification programs and standards.
  • Knowledge of process for pre-disposal management of radioactive waste.
  • Knowledge of acceptance criteria for low and intermediate level radioactive waste.


Core Competency

  • Respect for Safety & Security
  • Trust and Integrity
  • Communication Effectiveness (Including English Proficiency)
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork (Especially Multi-cultural)
  • Accountability
  • Error Prevention


Leadership Competency

  • Personnel Development
  • Effective Partnering
  • Performance Improvement

Senior recruitment consultant with international recruitment experience across EMEA region, including major projects such as Barakah NPP.

Julija Paulauskaite