A consulting practice dedicated to the nuclear industry

Thomas Thor Associates is made up of a core team of world-renowned experts in the main disciplines required to support organisations in the nuclear industry, as well as a wider team of experts from around the world with specific credentials in a broad variety of disciplines, technologies, regulatory frameworks and languages.

Our consulting offering is entirely centred on the ‘’best athlete’’ principle. By defining the needs within an organisation, we can identify where a similar challenge has been successfully met elsewhere, and then pinpoint exactly who the key individuals were that carried out the relevant work. Our consultants are the people that have seen the situation before, understand the options and can directly bring the benefits of best practice and lessons learned.

Our approach is very straight forward – we aim to provide practical advice that can be used immediately to achieve human resource objectives as well as clear evidence to support strategic decision making. Our consulting and research services are specifically aimed at:

Providing a team of experts to support the licensing of a new reactor design, combining deep technical knowledge and an understanding of the local regulator which enabled the team to manage stakeholder relationships as well as delivering technical work.

Supporting the owner of a nuclear new build project in construction oversight and operational readiness. A multi-disciplined team of over 150 experts mobilised to the site to support the project over a 5-year period. Many of these experts are transitioning to staff roles and stay with the organisation for the long term.

Advising a government on their national policy for nuclear waste management. The support and advice provided led to a fully updated national nuclear waste strategy for the country which was accepted by parliament.

Transformation management at a nuclear laboratory. Providing a team of professionals to support organisational transformation in the areas of project control, information security, reporting and research & development.

Providing a due diligence team to an investor assessing a multibillion dollar acquisition of a nuclear organisation. A team of more than 20 experts were assembled at short notice with previous experience working with the acquisition target, as well as experts from government, the regulator and the industry that could provide technical, commercial and contextual information to support the due diligence.

Bid support for a 20-year multibillion euro contract. Our consulting team included professionals with deep understanding of the inviting party and the factors influencing the decision process including localisation, regulation, technology, workforce, government and regulation. Our team embedded directly in to the team of the bidding consortium.

Recent Human Resources Consulting and Research Services

HR Consulting

  • The design of a review and assessment model for internal recruitment functions within nuclear organisations (new build, operating facilities and decommissioning). (IAEA)
  • Benchmarking financial and non-financial employee benefits against nuclear industry norms and other relevant industries (a major European nuclear utility)
  • Transformation management at a nuclear laboratory. Providing a team of professionals to support organisational transformation in the areas of project control, information security, reporting and research & development

HR Research and Reports

  • A report on anticipated competition for specific rare skills over the coming 5 years and recommendations on how to achieve competitive advantage when recruiting (a major European utility)
  • A research report on ‘’What Women in Nuclear can learn from other male dominated industries’’. The report looked at other relevant industries that have been successful in attracting and retaining women and identified how they had done it. (WiN)
  • A report on salary and pay rate benchmarking for a full range of nuclear and project personnel (a global nuclear supply chain organisation)

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