Junior Business Developer – Germany

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.” Michael Jordan

Action is your leitmotiv, and you believe you can always find a road to reach your destination. You are not afraid to embark on a journey with roadblocks, mountains to climb and elements to fight. You are curious to discover, understand and master all the technics and technics to face all the situations you will encounter along the way.

You believe it is probably along the unknown paths that the most beautiful landscapes can be found. And of course, for you, a journey is only worthwhile when shared with others.

This is true for travel, but it is also true in your personal and professional life.

You want to take control of your faith and have as much fun working as you have travelling.

How about you decide to join right now a company that will enable you to use your natural talent?

You will go on a journey starting with mastering the art of building your itinerary. You will research and find which equipment are needed, which stops you need to make, who you want to talk to and what path will lead you to your destination.

Packed and ready to go, you will always have ways to contact the base for direction or extra supplies, but you will keep on moving forward, continue your discoveries and share your findings and treasures with your teammates.

You will meet people on your way strong relationship will start. You will take care of them, nurture them and these will enrich your trip.

Curiosity, dedication, resilience will be your guides through your journey. Along the way you will also start meeting new friends whom will want to join you and accompany you to travel to more places, discover new lands, push the frontier further.

Why join Thomas Thor?

You will get the chance to improve some people’s lives (clients, candidates, and colleagues), and why not start with yours, by working in a multi-cultural team – we have more than 25 different nationalities – and positive work culture where the right balance between personal and professional life is valued.

The whole client acquisition, market mapping, account delivery, recruiters’ tools and process are necessary and using your own thinking and personality to create your growth strategy is enthusiastically encouraged.

You will get support and reward such as:

  • Flexible working arrangements(including several options for the main working location),
  • A diverse, equal, and inclusive working environment,
  • A competitive compensation & benefits package (Bonus scheme, well-being allowance, lunch clubs, …),
  • Opportunities for overseas travel,
  • Long term career with opportunity to relocate to one of our European offices.

Here is what you will be doing:

Once you have completed your induction period, you will gain expertise in managing the full recruitment process with candidates and clients.

Any good traveller must be well-equipped before hitting the road.

Within the German market, you are then in charge of your journey to make it happen: researching and mapping the market to identify opportunities; design and implement the client acquisition strategy, negotiate favourable terms to generate revenue.

The path of a pioneer will also include some summit to overcome, but you are looking forward to learning from these ascensions and enjoy the benefit in climbing quicker the next one.

As your market grows, you are in charge of nurturing the clients with your strong relationship building, delivery, and account management skills in order to lay the foundation of growing a team around you.

Your background

Ideally 1-3 years of experience in B2B/enterprise sales and/or Business Development and/or Field Sales and/or Key Account position. Fluent in German and English, other languages are a plus

Are you comfortable interacting on the phone, by email and face-to-face with candidates and clients? Do you consider yourself to be curious, resilient, dedicated and self-starter?

Thanks to the support of our team, understanding the energy sector and the nuclear industry in no time, sourcing, managing the recruitment process, building client relationship, opening accounts, and growing the business will have no more secret for you.

My name is Raha Omar, and I would be pleased to know more about you. Please note that we are looking for a consultant with a native German level, however, it is also mandatory to speak English fluently to work in our international environment. The recruitment process you are about to enter will be conducted in English.

Click the apply button and I will get back to you in the coming 2 weeks.