“I suggest the crime was committed by Colonel Mustard, in the lounge, with a dagger”.

That sentence will make sense if you’ve ever played the classic board game; Cluedo. Either way, you may have missed your vocation as an investigator but in this role, you’ll be using your natural curiosity to find the best new employees for your clients.

Why you’ll enjoy working here…

You’ll receive a comprehensive training and induction programme and will have all the resources you’ll need. You’ll be encouraged to use your own thinking and personality to create your own strategy. You will get the chance to improve lots of people’s lives. Candidates; by finding them their next career move, Hiring Managers; by finding them talented employees and your own, by working in a multicultural team that has more than 25 different nationalities and in a positive work culture where the right balance between personal and professional life is valued.

You’ll also get…

  • Flexible working -meaning you can work from home and have a better work/life balance.
  • A competitive compensation & benefits package:
    • Salary: 25 to 30K € gross annually (depending on experience)
    • Bonus Pool: 20% of yearly gross salary
    • Well-being allowance
    • Travel scheme
  • Opportunities for overseas travel and long-term career options with to relocate to one of our other European offices.

Here’s what you’ll be doing… 

When you’re assigned a job vacancy, you are in charge of your investigation to select the most suitable candidates for each of your clients. Like a detective, your first step would be to do lots of research to identify your initial list of suspects; sorry, candidates. Then you’ll present your case, proposing each candidate, highlighting their strengths and the added value they can bring for your clients. Finally comes the interview stage when you get to confirm your first intuitions. As you gain experience, your growth will be supported by more advanced training to enable you to manage the full recruitment process.


“You are a people-person and enjoy going the extra mile to get things done. I believe you will love joining Team Europe.”

Pierre Morvan, Manager Team Europe


What you’ll need…

You don’t need recruitment experience. But you will need experience in some kind of Customer Satisfaction or After-Sales function, where you’ve demonstrated your ability to manage customers and deliver the right service to them over the telephone. This, combined with your natural curiosity and eagerness to learn will have you sourcing candidates, identifying key words and screening CVs in no time.

My name is Raha Omar and I’d love to find out more about you. Click the apply button and I will get back to you in the coming 3 weeks.