The right Human Resources Strategy to grow your Business

Our approach is very straight forward – we aim to provide practical advice that can be used immediately to achieve human resource objectives as well as clear evidence to support strategic decision making. Our consulting and research services are specifically aimed at:

  • Providing practical advice around the recruitment and retention of a specialist workforce,
    based on current market evidence
  • Providing information and evidence about the target candidate pool to support decision making,
    such as the availability, cost or location of target candidates
  • Creating or validating job descriptions to optimise success in the recruiting process
  • Reviewing internal recruitment process and practices against international industry best practice
  • Training in recruitment process and management, including interview techniques
  • Benchmarking and validating remuneration and benefits against industry norms
  • Helping organisations understand their unique selling points and incorporating them in
    to the recruitment strategy
  • Accessing new candidate pools, such as internationally or from other industries

Recent Human Resources Consulting and Research Services

The design of a review and assessment model for internal recruitment functions within nuclear organisations (new build, operating facilities and decommissioning). (IAEA)


Benchmarking financial and non-financial employee benefits against nuclear industry norms and other relevant industries (a major European nuclear utility)

A report on anticipated competition for specific rare skills over the coming 5 years and recommendations on how to achieve competitive advantage when recruiting (a major European utility)

A research report on ‘’What Women in Nuclear can learn from other male dominated industries’’. The report looked at other relevant industries that have been successful in attracting and retaining women and identified how they had done it. (WiN)

A report on salary and pay rate benchmarking for a full range of nuclear and project personnel (a global nuclear supply chain organisation)

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