We are looking for an engaged self-motivated leader to work as a Control Room Supervisor at a nuclear plant in the Great Lakes Area.


Role description

As the Control Room Supervisor you will provide supervision of shift operations functions of the Nuclear Generation organization to ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient operations of the nuclear power plant and all its related equipment. In accordance with the plant operating license, approved procedures, and management expectations, directs the operation of the plant, turbine generator, and their auxiliaries while maintaining a broad perspective of operational conditions affecting the safety of the plant.


  • Directs plant operations activities to produce maximum electrical output at minimum costs, consistent with regulatory requirements.
  • Maintains close oversight of control room activities to detect errors or lapses in judgement or a breakdown in role responsibilities by other crew members, including asserting their authority for command and control whenever high standards are not being maintained.
  • Conducts human reliability assessment of each crew member looking for indications of stress, anxiety, or nervousness and takes actions accordingly to address.
  • Conducts observations and evaluates performance against the station standards, identifies gaps in performance and provides coaching and feedback.
  • May perform the function of field support supervisor or incident assessor.
  • Performs crew briefings and updates to keep crewmembers aware of plant conditions and challenges

Essential skills

We are currently recruiting applicants that are legally entitled to work in the United States.

Desired skills

  • High School Diploma or equivalent GED.
  • 4 years of power plant experience, with a minimum of 1 year in Nuclear power plant experience.
  • A maximum of 2 years of the remaining 3 years of power plant experience may be fulfilled by academic or related technical training on a oneforonetime basis.
  • Must obtain and maintain Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) license issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
  • Must meet the eligibility requirement of current INPO ACAD for an RO Upgrade or Direct SRO Currently holds a Reactor Operator license (greater than 1 year).

Perks: Opportunities for growth, take your leadership skills to the next level with this position. Multiple opportunities for advancement within the company!


If you are interested in this position or any other position in the nuclear sector, please send an updated resume to L.green@thomas-thor.com

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Lindsey Green