Do you have experience of grants, finance and funding within a community facing setting?

Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) is seeking an experienced Grants Manager and an early career Grants Officer to join the Community Engagement Team in their work with local communities as they explore the possibility of hosting a geological disposal facility (GDF) in West Cumbria.

Role description

The GDF project is the UK’s largest environmental project with a remit to provide a long-term storage solution for the management of radioactive waste. This is a first of its kind project with much of the focus around the communities which may host the facility to develop strong and trusted local relationships. You will be part of a key team that serves as a link between those communities and RWM, providing support with the management and delivery of RWM’s community investment funding activities in a Community Partnership Search Area.


As part of this, you will:

  • Help ensure RWM meets the obligations of the relevant Working with Communities policy with respect to community investment funding
  • Process grant applications in a Community Partnership Search Area including advising applicants, assessing applications, scrutinizing accounts and governing documents, preparing paperwork and attending award panels
  • Assess applications applying proportionate due diligence and make recommendations on which applications should be considered for funding
  • Manage grant awards to ensure recipients can successfully deliver the outcomes they have committed to

Essential skills

You will use your communication skills to promote and communicate funding opportunities to potential stakeholders, in order help RWM become an integral part of those communities.

Whether you want to play a supporting role in ensuring that RWM becomes a partner trusted by communities or contribute to the development of RWM’s grant making strategy, Thomas Thor would like to hear from you. Please contact Olivia Mindrila on


About RWM:

RWM’s vision is to create a safer future by managing radioactive waste effectively, to protect people and the environment.

RWM’s mission is to deliver a Geological Disposal Facility and provide radioactive waste management solutions. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the NDA, RWM’s programmes of work deliver Government Policy, and NDA Strategy, for radioactive waste management.


My colleagues and I have in depth knowledge of the structure, current projects and future projects of organisations in the international nuclear energy industry. We use this information to map out where opportunities exist and then match the experts we represent with the right opportunities. If you are currently working in the nuclear industry then we can offer you advice, support and representation. Please feel free to contact me.

Olivia Mindrila