Thomas Thor continues operations during the coronavirus

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March 30, 2020

By Tim Walker, General Manager

Thomas Thor is continuing to operate as normally as possible thanks to the work and support of our staff, associates, contractors and clients in these unusual and challenging times. We understand the challenges are significant whether you are working on site or from home.

For many there is the challenge of starting a new job without having met your new colleagues in person. Just a few weeks ago, this would have been unthinkable; now it’s a new norm. For some clients there’s the bravery of making a hiring decision without meeting the candidate first. Some in our community have been doing this for years as we mobilise talent around the world, but for many it’s ground-breaking. Thank you for being brave and stepping outside your comfort zone.

As a general rule we are fortunate to be supporting long-term projects across the Nuclear Industry, and most of these are continuing to run as best they can through the varying degrees of social distancing. However, we appreciate that some projects, or parts of projects have been suspended. For those of you affected in this way, we will be in constant contact and communicate with you transparently about developments. I trust that you understand this is a situation changing daily.

We are ready to help wherever you are and whatever your nuclear-related staffing need, do not hesitate to contact us.

To find the most updated official information about the different measures taken in each of our regions, please see:

Stay safe and online!


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