Would you like to work with state-of-the-art radiation monitoring and neutron flux systems for the nuclear industry? You have the chance to join a multinational company within an I&C Projects Technical Department and within the framework of I&C system design projects designed to fulfill security functions related to radiation measurements for nuclear power plants.

Role description

In this position, you will be responsible for:

  • Analyzing customer needs and requirements
  • Writing I&C system-level specifications and documentation
  • Technically coordinate all stakeholders
  • Define the overall I&C lifecycle strategy and ensure its implementation
  • Identify subcontracting needs and propose potential partners
  • Supporting the skills development of I&C project stakeholders


Knowledge, Experience and Skills

Within the framework of Calls for Tenders:

  • Analyzing customer needs and requirements
  • Technically coordinate all stakeholders within the company (hardware, software, and subcontractors) in collaboration with the Director of I&C Projects
  • Participate in technical clarifications with the client
  • Define the necessary system lifecycle according to the level of classification of the system based on the standards applicable to the project
  • Specify the technical requirements with subcontractors
  • Participate in the drafting of the technical part of the offer

Within the framework of I&C projects:

  • Ensure the technical verification of the partners’ design activities (I&C designer, I&C system manufacturer, etc.) under the responsibility of the Technical and Operational Coordinator for I&C projects.
  • Define all the necessary elements from the partners or the internal organization of the project to ensure the acceptance of the solutions by the end customer. To ensure the quality of these elements and their supply in accordance with the project milestones.
  • Manage the requirements provided by I&C’s lead designer and ensure they are considered by the internal design teams for the company’s
  • Define with the configuration manager and according to the differences in input data, the configurations for I&C systems.
  • Managing/writing documentation at the I&C System-level (Quality Plan, Requirements Management Plan, Interface Management Plan, etc.).
  • Drafting I&C system-level documentation according to the applicable normative standards (IEC 61513 and IEC 61508):
  • Collection of requirements applicable to the System to be managed in configuration
  • Specification of system requirements (functional and non-functional) and breakdown of the requirements for each sub-system system.
  • Management of requirements by ensuring the traceability of variations and changes
  • Define the concepts and guidelines of the system
  • System specification
  • Preliminary compliance analysis
  • Safety documentation (risk analysis, FMEA, …)
  • Ensuring the technical monitoring of subcontracting in accordance with the previously defined monitoring processes
  • Technically coordinate the Product and System Architects in charge of the detailed design:
  • Presenting system-level documentation to the Product and Systems Architects to promote the convergence of the parties stakeholders towards a common vision of the system (organization and architecture)
  • Proactively monitor the progress of design work and compliance with Product and Systems Architects to ensure that the requirements are met
  • Ensure that the activities of Product and Systems Architects are consistent with I&C system-level requirements.
  • Supporting the necessary discussions with the client or even the safety authority.

In a more operational and transversal framework:

  • Supporting the skills development of stakeholders in I&C projects
  • Participate in the improvement of processes related to the life cycle of I&C systems with the Standards and Methods Manager.
  • Participate in leading the company’s change to I&C areas


Essential skills

 To be succeeded, you will need to have some specific technical skills for the position, like mastery of system engineering, requirements engineering, and traceability. You should be an expert on the standards and regulations applicable to nuclear power plants, experts of safety standards, and associated methodologies (IEC 61508, IEC 61513). You need to have a solid knowledge of systems-related processes, e.g. cycle in V software, IVVQ, MBSE, and expertise in Operating and Nuclear Safety.

Besides the technical skills, you are able to coordinate technical and cross-functional teams, facilitate workshops, and you can adapt well to multidisciplinary environments.

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