Role description

For our client PALLAS in The Netherlands, we are currently looking for a Lead Neutronics and Thermal Hydraulics Analyst

PALLAS-reactor’s mission is to provide unique solutions for nuclear medicine and research. Their vision is to build a safe, state-of-the-art facility to become the world’s leading producer of radioisotopes for nuclear medicines and enable nuclear technology research – the first in industry to be privately financed, owned and operated. They are building the research reactor in Petten, Noord-Holland, the site of the existing High Flux Reactor.

PALLAS aspires to become a high-reliability organisation with the skills and capability to deliver its mission and vision through its core values, whilst ensuring that its safety, security and quality objectives are always achieved.

As Lead Neutronics and Thermal Hydraulics Analyst, you:

  • Are responsible for the neutronics and thermal hydraulics analysis for the PALLAS-reactor to support the design, the production and safety;
  • Identify resource needs and coordinate a team of NRG analysts enabling independent reviews and analyses;
  • Are able to perform cross and consistency checks of assumptions, inputs and calculations;
  • Monitor and oversee the reactor core safety and production performance parameters to ensure that the PALLAS requirements are met;
  • Oversee neutronics and thermal hydraulics calculations that are required for PALLAS’s own scope (this includes production rigs, experimental design and flow loop);
  • Fulfil a Design Authority role, meaning you will be responsible for the acceptance of the calculations results performed to assess the design and production, assessing changes to the design and ensuring Knowledge Management of the design within your scope;
  • Are the owner of all neutronics and thermal hydraulics analyses for the PALLAS-reactor, meaning you are responsible for:
    • Defining, refining and substantiating the PALLAS requirements for the design;
    • The scoping of the work the contractors should do;
    • Reviewing the design;
    • Identifying and mitigating risks to the design;
    • Overseeing the contractor to deliver a design that fulfils the PALLAS requirements within time and budget.
  • Prepare progress reports.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

We are looking a professional that:

  • Holds a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering or relevant field;
  • Has knowledge of reactor design;
  • Brings a minimum of 10 years of relevant experience in the design field;
  • Has experience in large infrastructure projects such as Detail Design, Construction, Procurement and Commissioning;
  • Has experience in the use of nuclear codes to perform thermal hydraulics and neutronics calculations;
  • Has training and experience in Systems Engineering;
  • Has excellent oral and written skills in English;
  • Relocation to the area (Alkmaar; Netherlands) is required.

Florencia is an Organisational Psychologist, specialised in Recruitment, committed to finding the most exciting opportunities for professionals in the nuclear industry.

Florencia Senia