As a member of the Enterprise Leadership Team, the President, Nuclear participates in the establishment of major goals and objectives for all aspects of the business and helps to advance the organization towards becoming more efficient, reliable and cost effective.
Reports to: President and CEO
Location: Ontario, Canada (Greater Toronto area)

Role description

Reporting to the President and CEO, the President, Nuclear is responsible for developing, planning, executing and managing the strategy for new nuclear opportunities and nuclear generation assets and resources in accordance with the strategic direction for the Company.  The strategic direction for nuclear growth initiatives will be in alignment with the approved business plan, producing targeted performance and results in a safe, reliable and cost-effective manner. This position provides the President & CEO and Board of Directors with specialized advice and guidance related to the Nuclear business. Key accountability areas are: Canadian Nuclear Partners, Inspection & Reactor Innovation, Safe Store & Decommissioning, Projects & Modifications, and the Chief Nuclear Officer organization which includes the Nuclear Generating Stations, Nuclear Governance, Environment, Health & Safety, People, Generation Performance, Financial Performance and Industry Leadership.


  • Develop, plan and set strategic direction for the Nuclear business in accordance with the approved OPG Business Plan, producing targeted performance and results in a safe, reliable and cost-effective manner.
  • In collaboration with Corporate Business Development and Strategy, develop, plan and set strategic direction for new business opportunities in nuclear that will achieve mid to long term growth objectives, identifying changes to existing businesses and business strategies to position OPG Nuclear to succeed and benefit from future changes in the Ontario energy sector.
  • Establish/approve/implement charters, directives, policies, procedures, standards and programs with respect to financial performance that will ensure the nuclear business consistently meets cash flow, competitiveness, and return on investment requirements as set out in the Nuclear Business Plan.
  • Provide the President & Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors with specialized advice and guidance for the Nuclear business.
  • Maintain and enhance relationships with local public agencies, regulatory agencies and employee representatives.
  • Establish/approve/implement charters, directives, policies, procedures, standards and programs with respect to generation performance that will ensure the provision of electricity from Nuclear operations is in accordance with requirements.
  • Establish/approve/implement charters, directives, policies, procedures, standards and programs for the safe execution of Decommissioning of nuclear facilities.
  • Approve/implement charters, directives, policies, procedures, standards and programs with respect to Environment, and Health & Safety that will ensure all employees are aware of expectations and accountabilities, and the management of risk hazards.
  • Establish an effective and sustainable internal control framework that meets corporate and regulatory requirements.
  • Establish an effective performance management system that defines the business vision and values, ensures appropriate key result areas and goals are met, and ensures competent leadership practices of communication, task formulation/assignment, performance monitoring, development and coaching.
  • As President of Canadian Nuclear Partners (CNP), develop business strategies, plans and business development to increase revenue and provide business opportunities for OPG, and manage the sale and handling of isotopes.
  • Establish/approve/implement charters, directives, policies, procedures, standards and programs with respect to people that will ensure: all roles are populated by competent staff, there are sufficient numbers of competent staff ready to fill projected vacancies, employees are fully committed to and aligned with the business vision/goals, there is opportunity for career development in a diverse and harassment free workplace.
  • Execute and develop reactor inspection / maintenance capabilities and innovation to meet OPG and CNP business plan and business development requirements.
  • Manage and execute the Nuclear Project portfolio in accordance with business plan and OPG strategic plans.
  • Extensive experience in development or assessment of complex proposals and with development, negotiation, interpretation, and administration of complex agreements and contracts.

Essential skills

  • Demonstrated commitment to high standards of safety and compliance;
  • Highly developed leadership and management skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to lead by engaging people in a strategic plan which results in a culture of continuous improvement;
  • Must have the ability to understand and influence long term business strategies
  • Must have ability to assess risk, compare risk of alternatives, and be able to balance the risks and potential business benefits associated with a particular course of action;
  • Experienced working in a regulated environment
  • Demonstrated business ethics and ability to build confidence and trust of colleagues.
  • Strong leadership capabilities with the ability to use authority, impact and influence across business units;
  • Experience in a unionized environment; works collaboratively with all trade unions to drive efficiencies and effectivence
  • Demonstrated strategic mindset, including strategic analysis, synthesis of information from diverse sources, development of plans, and supplier relations;
  • Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills including being able to effectively interface with executives, stakeholders and regulators within and outside of OPG;
  • Strong problem solving skills to address and overcome current and future challenges;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and strong facilitation, negotiation, influencing and presentation skills; and
  • A drive to achieve best value for money, meeting business objectives in a high profile, strategic, rapidly evolving and competitive environment while developing effective relationships and upholding OPG’s behaviours and values.

Desired skills

  • Demonstrates integrity, trust and respect for others.
  • Demonstrates respect for nuclear operations and for the risks involved with nuclear operations.
  • Learns exceptionally quickly; uses a “trust but verify” approach; readily draws upon the expertise of others.
  • Demonstrates the ability to create an inclusive environment
  • Applies sound commercial judgment across a broad spectrum of business matters.
  • Demonstrates political acuity; understands how government works; knows how to manage effective relationships with various provincial or federal government entities.
  • Communicates in a straightforward, understandable and highly effective manner, regardless of the setting.
  • Able to assess, attract, develop, inspire, lead, manage and maintain executive and management talent.
  • Demonstrates resilience and the capacity to adapt and respond to adversity.
  • Able to develop and communicate an inspiring vision and sound strategy, including communications strategy, in support of the vision.
  • Able to develop and nurture long term relationships with diverse groups, demonstrating an open, understanding, and patient style.
  • Able to function well in an environment that can at times be ambiguous, lacking in clarity, and pursing conflicting goals.


OPG will provide a full competitive compensation package.  The appropriate candidate will be offered an attractive salary, excellent benefits, and relocation assistance commensurate with candidate’s experience.


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