Role description

We have a current opportunity for a Safety Analysis Engineer for a nuclear technology company in US. It’s a remote contract for a year with a posibility for extension.

The Senior Safety Analysis Engineer is part of a growing team supporting the design and licensing of the demonstration reactor and is primarily responsible for performing Licensing Basis Events (LBE) analyses. The Senior Safety Analysis Engineer may also contribute subject matter expertise to other projects under development of Sodium Fast Reactor (SFR) Program.

In addition to LBE analyses, other engineering activities include, but are not limited to, supporting design and operational transients analysis, contributing to the development of computational methodologies and models for transient analysis, contributing as necessary to software commercial grade dedication, participating in hazard analysis, participating to Phenomena Identification and Ranking Table (PIRT) exercises, participating to Structures, Systems and Components (SSC) classification, as well as supporting validation activities.

Senior Safety Analysis Engineer receives administrative and technical supervision from the Nuclear Safety and Licensing Discipline Manager and direction from project managers.


* Depending on qualifications and skills, perform transient analyses to meet the safety analysis needs of the demonstration reactor of Anticipated
* Operational Occurrence (AOO), Design Basis Event (DBE), Design Basis Accident (DBA), and Beyond Design Basis Event (BDBE).
* Collaborate with safety methods development engineers to establish methods, computational models, and other aspects of the Evaluation Models.
* Work with an interdisciplinary team of engineers to establish SSC functional, performance, safety, and quality requirements as well as support the overall design.
* Establish and maintain documentation of model development and analysis results.
* Perform engineering reviews of analyses and other engineering design media.
* Contribute, as needed, to the development of computational models supporting system modeling for design and operational transients as well as PRA.
* Contribute, as needed, to the assessment of the Evaluation Models against applicable tests and perform appropriate benchmark calculations.
* Contribute, as needed, to the implementation of capabilities required for transient and accident analysis

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

Key Qualifications and Skills

* B.S. degree and a minimum of 5 years of related experience; or equivalent experience in the nuclear field.
* Knowledgeable of nuclear systems fundamentals such as thermal-hydraulic, neutronics, dynamics, and reactor transient behavior in general.
* Familiarity and experience with analysis of Anticipated Operational Occurrence (AOO), Design Basis Event (DBE), Design Basis Accident (DBA), and/or Beyond Design Basis Event (BDBE) is required.
* Significant experience with performing safety analysis using codes such as SAS4A/SASSYS-1, GOTHIC, RELAP5, TRACE, MELCOR, MACCS, RADTRAD or equivalent.
* Experience with performing and submitting LBEs analyses to the NRC is highly desirable.
* Familiarity with nuclear design, regulatory requirements, and risk-informed performance-based technology guidance for Non-Light Water Reactors is a plus (Licensing Modernization Project process described in NEI-18-04).
* Experience with SFR safety analysis is highly desirable. Experience with other reactor designs can be considered when differentiating candidates.
* Demonstrated strong quantitative, analytical, modeling and reporting skills.
* Understanding of NQA-1 requirements associated with analysis and software management as well as experience working under a quality assurance programs.
* Experience in working in multi-disciplinary engineering teams to address engineering challenges.
* Programming skills in any language is a plus.

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