Greg Alexander’s view on working in Canada: come and live it!


I am Canadian and have spent all my working years so far in the nuclear & defence industries between three countries : Canada, US and Europe, mostly UK.

I know these three countries share the same language, and many people assume as a consequence that they also have the same working culture and social interactions. In my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth!

I often say I am trilingual : I speak American, Canadian and British English, and it is only half a joke!

I see Canada as a good midway point between US and UK working cultures: you have the entrepreneur’s attitude that you will find in US with a labor law that’s closer to Europe’s without being as constrictive.

This comparison also stands from a social culture point of view, as Canada is a well know melting pot where people mostly integrate and do not stand apart in their social and ethnic enclaves.

So at the risk of being accused of encouraging a general invasion of British nuclear experts in my dear country, I would say please come and try us on for challenging assignments in a great country!

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