How to Increase the Quality and Quantity of Applicants to Jobs


The number of highly skilled people that either need or prefer to work flexibly is significantly increasing worldwide. There is a huge untapped talent pool of people that would apply for positions if they allowed for flexibility in working hours and/or location. Within this talent pool are people looking to work part time and balance work with family commitments, people that have retired early but still plan to work for another 10-20 years and people of all ages that are looking to work alongside their other interests. This is a highly educated, highly experienced, highly productive and cost effective talent pool, but one that sadly most employers are missing out on. Having a default policy of defining every job as full time and office based is now officially an out of date practice.


Attached to this post is a free one page ‘’FLEX Assessment’’ template that any organisation can use to qualify whether a job opening could be carried out with flexibility in working hours and/or working location. Feel free to use it, forward it, copy it or integrate it in to your existing job description template or HR process. I encourage you to advertise roles that offer flexibility and see for yourselves how it increases the quality and quantity of suitable applicants.

Please click on this link to get a copy of your Flex Assessment Template: FLEX Assessment

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