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International nuclear jobs

Are you looking for work in the nuclear industry? Thomas Thor Associates is the international recruitment agency for nuclear jobs. We offer a variety of jobs in various locations all over the world. On a continuous basis we are looking for nuclear engineers, decommissioning specialists, security consultants, technical professionals and operational heros.

There are over 50 jobs available on average for nuclear sites in Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, the Netherlands, UAE and the UK. Do you want to have notification about new jobs in your region? Sign up for our job alert here.

Nuclear power plant jobs available

For every stage in the nuclear power plant lifecycle there is a need for different skills. Some are operational others are more management. We at Thomas Thor find the right people for the right job with the right skills. Are you one of those? Then upload your CV today.

Nuclear engineering jobs

The major challenge of our time is to make our society more sustainable. Nuclear energy is one of the answers to this. As an Engineer you want to contribute to this and be innovative. We are constantly looking for the best Engineers who would like to make a contribution here and are looking for a challenge in the nuclear industry.

Nuclear decommissioning jobs

At the end of the life cycle of a nuclear installation, it must be dismantled again. A very specialized job with the necessary responsibility. Thomas Thor is constantly looking for specialists in this field.

Nuclear security jobs

The security of a power plant is becoming increasingly important. Both on a technical level and in terms of location. Technically, the power plant must always be safe and never cause problems. The location must also be secured in such a way that unwanted intruders cannot enter. Are you looking for one of the two jobs then leave your resume.

Nuclear technician jobs

There are few places on earth where the technical challenge is as great as in a nuclear power plant. The forces that are released when generating energy have an impact on many areas and must always be technically correct. You as a technician are responsible for this and you know what to look out for. Experience and thinking out of the box is a desirable characteristic for this nuclear job.

Nuclear operations jobs

Day to day operations in a nuclear power plant are countless. Most operations jobs touch several disciplines and call for a broad interest in the nuclear life cycle of a plant. You have the ability to keep an overview and manage people where necessary. Are you good at performing tasks and managing them yourself then an operations job in the nuclear industry is made for you.

Nuclear waste jobs

With the creation of nuclear energy comes nuclear waste. Every location has to do with this. The process handling and storing this waste calls for real experts on every level. Decisions now have a big impact on future events and changes. A strategic mind with a clear line of thought is needed for these types of nuclear jobs.


Nuclear power plant Locations

There are around 450 nuclear power plants in the world. At the moment there are nuclear jobs available in the following locations:

United Arab Emirates

  • Barakah Nuclear Power Plant


  • Blayais
  • Bugey
  • Chinon
  • Cruas
  • Dampierre
  • Fessenheim
  • Gravelines
  • Saint-Laurent
  • Tricastin
  • Belleville
  • Cattenom
  • Golfech
  • Nogent
  • Paluel
  • Penly
  • Saint Alban
  • Chooz
  • Civeaux


  • Hanhikivi
  • Loviisa
  • Olkiluoto


  • Doel
  • Tihange


  • Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)
  • Chalk River Laboratories