The Advisory Council’s role is to assist the delivery body, providing specialist expertise, knowledge, understanding and strategic direction, from outside of the organisation, in the delivery of its mission.

Role description

Acting as a sounding board, the Advisory Council seeks to enhance the process and approach of the delivery body to deliver thorough, sound, decision-making backed by high quality judgement and expertise. The function is to help the delivery body to access, interpret and understand issues relating to its work on delivering the project, making judgements about their relevance, potential and application.

Advisory Council members will collectively cover the range of political, economic, social and technical skills required for the delivery of a critical infrastructure project and must be able to demonstrate an ability to provide an appreciation and understanding of the ‘big picture’ perspective. Members should be of sufficient stature to command the confidence of Ministers, Board and Executive and individuals working at the highest levels.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

  • The Advisory Council is strictly an advisory body and has no executive powers.
  • The Advisory Council will be a non-binding source of expertise and ideas, providing a sounding panel it will report to the organisation’s CEO.
  • Members will be expected to attend up to 8 meetings per year, usually held in London, outside of London, or by videoconference.
  • Members will be expected to commit to some work outside these meetings; for example, conducted through; sub-groups/working groups, visits, occasional workshops, and events on specific issues.
  • Under the leadership of the Advisory Council Chair, members will be encouraged to contribute to organisation’s activities, bringing specific knowledge and experience to identify issues for discussion, consideration and contribution to its overall work programme.
  • The Advisory Council Chair will be invited from time to time to attend Board/Executive meetings for appropriate agenda items.

Essential skills

  • Advisory Council candidates must bring experience in one or more of the areas listed below:
  • Direct and relevant experience of complex major infrastructure projects;
  • Experience and understanding of the geological challenges in delivering infrastructure programmes;
  • Extensive stakeholder and community engagement experience, with a solid understanding of the key political issues and the ability to offer sound advice on communication strategies;
  • Experience of community liaison, having worked closely with local groups; with extensive networking experience and strong local networks;
  • Relevant experience of working with or for national or Local Government at a senior level, or direct experience of working with central government and lobbyists;
  • Experience of construction costs, contingency allocation, management and risks;
  • Experience of strategic procurement of comparable programmes;
  • Expert understanding of environmental impact issues, probably obtained as a leading representative of one of the built environment professions;
  • Experience of planning and economic development issues linked to the delivery of major national projects.
  • Experience of site assembly processes, and planning permissions;
  • Stakeholder management experience, especially in relation to utilities and land issues;
  • Extensive financial and business experience, preferably gained through senior (e.g. CEO level or partner in a major accountancy) experience in both the public and private sector

The successful candidates will also be able to demonstrate they;

  • Hold, or have recently held, a position of responsibility in a relevant area of expertise as outlined above (under ‘Knowledge, Skills and Experience required’), and are widely respected and active in one/more of the specified areas;
  • Have an outstanding track record and demonstrable experience of the ability to contribute to the evolving work programme, which will help shape the delivery of a major infrastructure programme;
  • Have the leadership experience to act as an ambassador for the organisation and more generally to be committed to its mission and objectives
  • Show commitment to public service values and the principles of public life, particularly integrity and probity;
  • Show understanding of the public policy context and the role of Government;
  • Contribute to forging consensus, working in mutual respect for the benefit of the mission, objectives and programme;
  • Can participate in meetings – with a strong commitment to adding value and providing contribution, whilst respecting confidentiality of matters discussed at Advisory Council, Executive and Board meetings.



Successful candidates will receive a generous fixed day-rate for their contributions.

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Jamie Braddock